Around the IT Industry 3/19-3/23

by Modis on March 22, 2012

Google Chrome Crowned #1 Browser… For a Day

For a single day over the weekend, Google Chrome ousted long-time browser champion Internet Explorer as the world’s most used Internet browser. When the weekend was finished, the return of the workforce on Monday once again put IE back in the lead as it remains the leader in the workplace by far.

ACLU Says Facebook is Private Information

In response to a rising trend amongst employers to inquire after their employees’ personal Facebook account info, the ACLU has issued a formal statement declaring that Facebook pages are considered private information and that companies who solicit this information from employees are violating that privacy.

ICANN Will Aid Governments in Domain Seizures

ICANN, the organization responsible for reserving and distributing domain names and IP address to service providers around the world, has stated in a recent white paper that it intends to work more closely with governments around the world to aid in the seizure and censorship of Internet domains.

Facebook Accused of Antitrust Violations

With the approach of Facebook’s initial public offering, news of its implication in an antitrust suit certainly could not come at a worse time. Sambreel, the maker of a browser add-on called PageRage which altered users’ Facebook profile layouts, says that the social media giant used illegal browser-scanning methods to force users to remove the add-on in order to continue using their service.

Senate Reviews Verizon Deal with Cable Providers

Telecommunications powerhouse Verizon Wireless has a deal in the works to pay $3.6 billion for unused cable spectrum, but Senate lawmakers are reviewing the finer points of the deal that may create a situation in which consumers in some markets may be left with only a single provider for telephone and Internet services, violating antitrust regulations.

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