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by Modis on March 9, 2012

Walmart and Target Planning Their Own Mobile Payment Service

Unhappy with Google’s control over the mobile payment industry, Walmart and Target have taken it upon themselves to create their own system for processing smartphone payments at the register.  Details on the service are still vague at this time.

Introducing Google Play

Google has unveiled their next big project:  Google Play.  A cloud-based multimedia entertainment interface, Google Play is designed to be a movie player, MP3 player, eBook reader, and gaming platform all in one, built on the Android OS.  Since it uses cloud-based storage, it means that you can take your entire entertainment archive with you anywhere you can get Internet access.

Netflix Exploring Cable Partnership

Netflix has been quietly meeting with several major U.S. cable providers to discuss the possibility of bundling the Netflix service along with the standard cable packages they offer.  This would make Netflix into another on-demand channel such as HBO On-Demand and similar services already offered through most cable companies.

British Company Converting Human Footsteps into Electricity

British tech company Pavegen has created a revolutionary new technology that allows specially-designed floor tiles to capture the kinetic energy from footsteps and convert it into useable electricity.  The technology is still being experimented with, but the possibility of lighting an entire office building using nothing more than the feet of its own workers could be a very real possibility in the near future.

Ford Reworks Touch Screens After Ratings Drop

Following a significant drop in consumer satisfaction ratings due to operational difficulties in the MyFord Touch touchscreen system present in many post-2010 models, Ford has issued a major upgrade to the system and has mailed out system update USB drives to thousands of vehicle owners and dealerships around the country.  In addition, upcoming models have had the dashboard reconfigured to replace some of the touchscreen buttons with more functional mechanical versions.

LulzSec Leader Sabu Exposes Anonymous Members

Infamous hacker Hector Xavier Monsegur, aka “Sabu” has been involved in a months-long operation with the FBI to expose and arrest members of the shadowy internet hacktivist organization known as Anonymous and its offshoot organization LulzSec.  Whether or not this will truly spell the end of these notorious organizations is anyone’s guess.

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