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by Modis on April 19, 2013

Hate Doing Laundry? LG Can Fix That.

Washing clothes uses a lot of resources, namely water. Fortunately, LG Electronics has a solution to this dilemma. Although currently under wraps, LG has plans to reveal a washing machine that can wash clothes without the use of water. Whether the machine will be actually waterless, or use so little water to qualify as being “virtually waterless” remains to be seen. The LG Styler model of washing machine can currently freshen up your clothes without using any water, but this new machine takes the concept to new heights. Whether you are a traditional laundry washing purist, or a smart electronic purveyor–LG is offering something to watch for anyone interested in greener living while having cutting edge technology at their disposal.

Google Fiber? If you live in Japan, think Nuro.

While the US is drooling over the 1GB/s speeds of services such as Google Fiber and Verizon FiOS, Sony has introduced blazing fast 2GB/s speeds to select locations in Japan. For the low cost of $51 a month, users can access speeds that many only dream of. Nuro is being offered to small apartment complexes in Tokyo, Ibraki, and various other locations throughout the island. The installation fee is pretty steep at $539 USD; however, Sony is waiving the fee if users purchase the service online. While many computers do not offer the hardware needed to achieve these speeds, an upgrade is easily done through purchasing new hardware.

Lithium Ion Batteries Reach New Heights

Want a lithium ion battery with 2,000 times the power of the standard version? What about enabling it to recharge 1,000 times faster than the current model? Researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign have successfully developed a new technology that does just that. The new lithium ion battery technology enables massive conduction of energy, while maintaining its energy density levels. Technically speaking, this would result in stronger cell phone signals, quicker charging times for cellular devices, and more. Healthcare would also stand to take interest in this new battery, seeing as its uses powering medical equipment such as lasers and other medical devices.

President Obama Threatens Veto of CISPA

With CISPA passing in the House, its defenders were optimistic at its success rate when being put forth to the President. However, four key privacy amendments were missing from the bill. CISPA may have thought this would go un-noticed, but the President of the United States picked up on the missing privacy clauses quickly. As such, the President has issued a formal veto threat against CISPA. President Obama was quoted as saying that CISPA, does not “safeguard personal information adequately.” Unlike SOPA, which gained vocal opposition from businesses and celebrities, along with the American people–CISPA has yet to see the same outcry. Facebook and Microsoft have suggested they want nothing to do with CISPA–however, they are notorious for data collection on their users. The language of CISPA remains intentionally vague, and this alarms many who oppose the bill. The President’s veto warning shows that he, too–is taking these CISPA privacy concerns seriously.

Anonymous Raises $54,798 to Fund New Independent News Site

Hacktivist group Anonymous has raised the bar for citizen journalism. Keeping its motto of catering to no-one’s ideals except their own brand of justice, the vigilante group will be opening an online news database in the near future. Dubbed Your Anon News, the site aims to provide a space for people up close and personal to events to live stream, discuss, and share events while they are occurring. With much of traditional journalism being about blogsniping, celebrity scandal, or worse–Your Anon News claims to offer a journalistic respite. The site hopes to offer true activists in journalism a place to collaborate and share their findings in the world. Your Anon News and Anonymous will be hitting webspace near you soon.

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