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by Modis on April 27, 2012

Bing vs. Google

Search engines are a vital component of the Internet, and almost everyone who uses the Internet uses a search engine to find the content they seek. While there are literally dozens if not hundreds of search engines out there to choose from, the two that dominate the industry are Microsoft’s Bing and Google’s… well… Google. But is one search engine superior to the other? This article has the answers.

The Laws of Cloud Storage

Cloud storage services are generating a lot of buzz lately and so are the legal issues that surround them. The premise of cloud storage is simple enough: it is virtual storage space for users to put data that they either don’t want on their local drives or that they want to be able to access remotely with ease. The catch is that space doesn’t belong to the user. It belongs to the company who operates the servers, and that company might not play by the same rules you or your country do.

Fun with CAPTCHAs

For several years now, a popular method of distinguishing real, thinking human beings from Internet search bots has been the CAPTCHA, a distorted image containing a series of numbers and/or letters that must be entered correctly by the viewer to proceed. Because bots are unable to translate the image into a string of characters, they are typically unable to pass the CAPTCHA test. Now, however, a Detroit-based tech company has designed a new take on CAPTCHA by turning it into a mini-game of sorts that relies on complex contextual skills which bots will be unable to replicate.

Cell Carriers Fight Warrant Law

California has a bill proposal that would force law enforcement agencies to produce a warrant when requesting cellular customers’ locations from carriers. The mobile carriers’ industry opposes this law, however, saying that it would create undue burden for their associates in the course of aiding police in legitimate investigations.

Hasbro Facing Boycott After Deceiving Blogger

Toy manufacturer Hasbro is facing a boycott after it deceived an avid blogger-fan regarding an upcoming product in the Nerf line that was not supposed to be released yet. The blogger had acquired information about the upcoming product and posted pictures of the items prior to their release date, at which point Hasbro offered to send him several of the items for free as a giveaway to his readers. When he provided the street address to send the items, he was visited by Hasbro’s legal representatives.

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