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by Modis on April 13, 2012

Microsoft Breaks In to Open Source

Open source programs are nothing new, as open source operating systems like Linux and FreeBSD have been around for years, but Microsoft has recently announced its plan to break in to the open source scene by way of the new Microsoft Open Technologies subsidiary. The new organization will focus its efforts on interoperable cloud services and expand Windows Phone support throughout the open source community, amongst other things.

Useful Upgrades for Spare Bays

Many computer cases these days come with multiple expansion slots (or “bays”) for hard drives, optical disc drives, card readers, and other such components. Often times, there are more of these expansion slots than the average user will ever need. Fortunately, there are numerous options for those who wish to make the most of their unused space: including everything from the practical temperature monitor to a retractable cup holder.

The Twilight of MS Word?

Microsoft’s hallmark word processing application, known simply as “Microsoft Word,” may be nearing the end of its usefulness as other, more streamlined applications come to the fore. Due to the amount of formatting bloat inherent to the platform, MS Word simply isn’t the go-to option for most Web publishers, where the majority of journalism and writing is headed these days.

Future Firefox May Make Flash Click-to-Play

Mozilla’s developers for the popular web browser Firefox are considering a change to the browser’s future versions that would make Web plugins like Adobe Flash an opt-in feature. This change would help increase browser security, extend battery life for mobile devices using the browser technology, and improve the overall speed and responsiveness of the platform.

Fetchnotes Debuts

A simple new note-taking service called Fetchnotes has recently launched that features a deceptively simple interface that fans of Twitter and similar services will appreciate. Rather than separating notes into folders to be browsed by the user, Fetchnotes implements a system of hashtags that the user can filter their notes with, quickly finding all notes of relevance to their current objective.

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