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by Modis on May 21, 2012

Do You Have Klout?

Many people may not realize that there is a tool for discerning how influential a person is on the Internet these days and that tool is called Klout. Klout is a system that takes into consideration not only how many followers a person’s Twitter account has or how many public updates they post in a day, but also who their friends and followers are and how influential those people are as well. A high Klout score can be favorable in job interviews, garnering giveaway offers from companies interested in getting some public endorsements from you, and all kinds of other things. Similarly, a low score means you are relatively unknown in cyberspace and might get passed up for opportunities that a higher score would receive easily.

Firefox Gets a “Reset” Button

Mozilla’s popular Firefox web browser is currently experimenting with an option in the newest beta release that will allow users to simply “reset” the browser to its default settings without losing the user’s stored passwords, bookmarks, and cookies in the process. The option is being tested as a means of combating complaints from many users about Firefox encountering errors over time and being unable to correct the problems without completely re-installing the browser.

DVR Ad Eraser Under Attack

Dish Network’s new Hopper digital video recorder includes a feature that allows users to skip over television advertisements completely with the push of a button rather than simply fast-forwarding through them like other models. This feature, however, has drawn the collective ire of many mainstream television producers who claim that such features undermine the entire purpose of using advertisements as a means to fund their programming.

Microsoft Kinect Could Be the Future of Advertising

Microsoft’s popular Kinect motion-sensor system could be the next step in revolutionizing the industry of television advertising by transforming commercials into interactive experiences for viewers. The company’s natural user-interface ads, or Nuads, use the motion sensor technology to allow viewers to vote for a product or service (similar to Facebook’s “Like” system) simply by raising their hand or ask the system to display local retailers offering the advertised good on a map.

Cellular Providers Squeezing Subscribers for Data Usage

Cellular service providers AT&T and Verizon Wireless have eliminated their unlimited data packages in favor of tiered service packages that carry a hefty surcharge for data overage recently, and they aren’t finished yet. Existing customers who have grandfathered their unlimited plans on the providers’ 3G networks will be forced to change to one of the tiered data plans when they upgrade to a newer 4G device.

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