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by Modis on May 24, 2013

Google+ Has an Amazing New Unadvertised Feature

Google+ allows its users to search photos by tagging them, but Vic Gundotra briefly touched on another way to find your photos of things that matter. Object recognition. This technology enables a user to type in the word, “Cat” or “Cake” and return their pictures with the aforementioned object in them. It is even as accurate as catching a cat in profile, or a slice of cake on a plate. You can also search photos shared by people that are in your circle, enabling you to find someone’s picture of a garden snake in their backyard, or a summer barbecue by searching the photo for a certain object. This is a great leap forward for technology, though not without its kinks. Some queries still return no results, but when the object recognition search works, it really works.

Windows 8 Fails to Boost PC Market, Will 8.1 Help?

A recent report compiled by Examiner shows clearly that Windows 8 did more to hurt the PC market than it has to help it. The systems inability to access basic features, lack of a Start button, random bloatware, and touch emphasis despite the majority of users not owning a touch enabled PC were clear customer dissatisfaction points. Many PC consumers or would-be-consumers have switched to their smartphones, gaming consoles, or tablets for entertainment. That is not to say PCs are obsolete, more that PC marketers should treat them as a niche market as technology develops. Windows 8.1 is set to release this summer, and hopefully will address a number of concerns that customers had regarding Windows 8. Hopefully Microsoft has listened to its consumers in designing Windows 8.1 for a better user experience.

Facebook Ads: Nowhere Near Over

If you think your dashboard has seen its share of ads, Facebook has some grim news for you–and good news for them–it hasn’t. The social media giant states that its users can take on many more advertising opportunities, tailored to how and what they use Facebook for. The algorithm Facebook uses for delivering ads and measuring their content engagement with clients is crucial to this process. Facebook wants to ensure they aren’t burning out their users with ads, while improving click-through rates for advertisers and businesses using their service. Facebook hopes to tailor the ad experience further in the future, so users can expect more, or differently laid out ads depending on how they surf the site. Customer engagement is crucial to this process, and for Facebook, marketers, and clients the perfect mix is far from complete.

German Software Company is in an Autism Recruitment Rush

The Germany based software company SAP realizes that it takes all kinds to make the world work, and that those with autism have a particularly unique way of viewing it. The firm has planned that, by the year 2020, 1% of its global workforce will be made up of persons with autism or on the autism spectrum. While autism is a disorder that often inhibits an individual’s ability to function in social situations, and can affect communication in other ways, those with autism are generally brilliant with technology, fine detail work, and tasks that require a very high level of intelligence and attention to detail to complete. The recruitment effort is being undertaken alongside the Danish company Specialisterne, which helps those with autism find work in the IT field.

Google Checkout is Shutting Down

Google’s web based storefront and payment option Google Checkout is closing its doors November 20, 2013. Google states that its clients that sell digital goods via Google Play, Chrome, or the Offers Marketplace, will be upgraded to Google Wallet and not be impacted by this change. The last day to complete an order via Google Checkout is November 21. All pending orders will be canceled on November 27. Google Wallet is an all-in-one marketplace and financial management product that Google will be focusing on in lieu of Google Checkout. Google offers removal tools on its blog, and alternative storefront options for merchants to transition over to using. At this time, Google does not plan to offer a replacement product for Google Checkout.

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