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by Modis on June 28, 2013

Facebook Bug Worse than Social Networking Giant Claimed, Non-Facebook Users Also Affected

Facebook’s shadow profiles and the amount of actual data leaked are at a mismatch according to Packet Storm, the company’s data security firm. Over six million users had their data uploaded to Facebook without their knowledge, including that of non-Facebook users in their contacts. Facebook reported three pieces of data to an individual in an email, when Packet Storm reported that in fact there were seven examples of personal data visible. This data leak comes on the tails of the NSA/PRISM leak scandal, and Americans are primed to respond with swift retribution to further infringement upon their privacy.

Google Surpasses Rival Apple in Net Value

Tech giant Google has surpassed Apple in its overall value, passing 240.6 billion dollars to Apple’s 233.2 billion. Though this is not an overall eclipse–Apple is still worth $378 billion to Google’s $286 billion in its market cap. The numbers presented strip away the company’s financial assets, and leave the underlying value of each. This is where Google came out on top of its competitor in overall worth. Apple fell from its spot as the world’s most profitable company to Exxon-Mobil, and Google’s rise to the top is something that the tech manufacturer should take notice of.

South Korea Has Introduced the World’s Fastest Mobile Network

SK Telecom has launched a next-generation mobile network which offers speeds that reach up to ten times faster than a 3G network. The new network, dubbed LTE Advanced, will be available immediately in South Korea’s capital of Seoul and 40 other cities in the nation will allow its users to download a full length film in less time than it takes to play a song. The network launched on Wednesday, and Samsung’s Galaxy S4 has a new LTE capable version already on the market. SK Telecom plans to launch a new mobile calling/video chat program that can host up to four call participants using the new technology. Commercial markets cannot expect the LTE technology until the year 2020 at the earliest.

Microsoft Leading 3D Printing OS Support Race

Microsoft has released a 3D Printing API which will let developers integrate the ability to use 3D printing into the structure of their apps. The experience can be cumbersome for those used to printing with a traditional inkjet machine; however, the API boasts familiar settings and interface graphics which make it easier to use. 3D printers are becoming more commonplace as the technology takes off, and Microsoft’s Windows 8.1 looks to address the failures of Windows 8 while adding sought after features such as this.

Google Hangouts Introduces Remote Desktop Feature

Google’s latest feature for its Hangouts chat service lets you take control of another user’s desktop remotely. Getting started with Google Hangouts is simple, and can be done in a matter of minutes even by the least technologically savvy of users. While there are many services that offer remote desktop capabilities, they are mostly on a subscription or paid basis. Google Hangouts is free and easy to implement. Users may take note that Google Hangouts will upload to YouTube, and can change their privacy settings accordingly to prevent this.

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