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by Modis on June 7, 2013

Dominos Pizza Delivered By Drones?

Domino’s Pizza in the UK has released a new PR stunt that is getting people talking everywhere. The chain recently delivered pizza in an unpiloted drone. While currently illegal under US Federal Aviation laws, the United Kingdom has no such ban, thus the drone was completely free to roam the skies in search of its target destination. The company is getting flooded with emails from customers wondering when they will be able to get pizza delivered to their door via drone, and the publicity stunt certainly seems to have worked. While not a very useful purpose for such advanced technology, this clever use of drones remains a success for Domino’s.

Internet Speed Throttled? Website Blocked? Not in Europe.

Under a new net neutrality law, ISPs will be prohibited from throttling customer access to service that is in competition with their own, or blocking their client’s access to websites. Currently the only countries that enforce net neutrality are Slovenia and the Netherlands. Many ISPs are blocking customer access to programs such as Skype, due to fear of competition or loss of revenue. Europeans on the whole expect protection from the undermining tactics of such companies, and their government is fulfilling this concern by implementing the new net neutrality law. Offering customers transparency and open communication between ISPs and their clients is something that lawmakers hope to achieve in the future for internet in Europe.

Japan’s 310 MPH train Undergoes Testing

These trains appear to float above the tracks they travel on, moving with the aid of high powered magnetic technology. The cars are propelled by these magnetic forces at speeds of up to 310 MPH, which outshines Japan’s main competitor China, whose fastest high speed train tops out at 228 MPH by a large margin. The first journey of the train has been cut by over half, taking the travel time from central Tokyo to Nagoya Station from 90 minutes down to an impressive 40 minute trip. The train will eventually consist of 16 cars, capable of carrying 1,000 passengers to their destination. Japan aims to have high speed magnetic trains across the country by the year 2045.

Apple Facing Ban on Older Models of iPhone and iPad

The tech giant Apple lost its case put forth by rival Samsung in a ruling which came a week after the expected decision. The ITC ruled that Apple had infringed on several of Samsung’s patents. This means that the tech giant will face bans on many of its older model iPads and iPods. The iPhone 3GS, and older models of iPad are among those affected by the ITC’s ruling. Samsung claims that Apple has a long history of patent infringing behavior, and appears to be pleased with the ruling in their favor. Apple claims that the ruling will not affect its customers’ access to their products.

New Technology Puts Spanish Port City on the Map

The Spanish port city of Santander is seeing more visitors since implementing some impressive (mostly invisible) new technology. The city has put 12,000 sensors into its pavement and atop city busses to help save money and offset costs. These sensors can tell commuters when a parking space opens up, garbage collectors when dumpsters need to be emptied, and dim city lights when there are no pedestrians on the sidewalk. The city has saved 25% on its electricity bills and 20% on its trash collection fees since the sensors were implemented.

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