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by Modis on June 7, 2012

LinkedIn, eHarmony Security Breach

The professional social networking site LinkedIn as well as popular online dating site eHarmony have both suffered significant security breaches recently when hackers were able to gain access to millions of encrypted user passwords and post them to an open web forum for other hackers to disseminate. While security analysts believe that only the encrypted password files were compromised without the corresponding e-mail addresses, it is possible that the hackers may have other means of acquiring those as well and access the accounts fraudulently.

Tactile Touch Screens Coming in 2013

Tactus Technology has pioneered a new touch screen technology that will allow flat touch screen displays to morph their outer layer in response to certain electrical signals in such a way as to create physical buttons much like more traditional input devices. The buttons form and un-form in response to the device’s output and allow for a virtually unlimited number of interface configurations. The technology is expected to debut in mid 2013.

Showcasing the Next Generation of Gaming

While game developers tend to favor whichever technology platforms are in use in the current generation of console systems, when those systems grow old and the next generation systems are in the planning stages the developers have to grow with them. This series of real-time technology demos give us a glimpse into the future of gaming as the newest graphics processors are pushed to their limits and form the new standard for tomorrow’s games.

IPv6 Has Arrived

On June 8, the backbone of the Internet switches over to the IPv6 addressing format for good. This will expand the current bank of valid IP addresses from a “mere” 4.3 billion to a mind-boggling 340 undecillion, a number most people cannot even fathom. The IPv6 transition was given a 24-hour trial in 2011 without a single notable incident, and the permanent switch is expected to be just as smooth.

New and Improved Google Maps

Internet service giant Google Inc. has announced that its Google Maps service is about to get upgraded in a variety of ways. The Google Maps app is slated to receive some updates that will allow offline caching of data, permitting devices to store and access map info even without being online. The 3D Google Earth maps are getting an upgrade as well, as Google takes advantage of images it already collects from planes to create impressive 3D renderings of cityscapes from above. Finally, the Google Street View capture technology has been shrunk down to something that now fits in a backpack, enabling Google image personnel to go places where the previous Street View vehicles could not, cataloging data all the way.

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