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by Modis on July 5, 2013

Train Window Ads Embedded in Glass

The newest form of advertising involves window ads embedded into trains. When a weary traveler rests their head against the glass, an ad will be broadcast into their skull via transmitters that no-one else on the train will be able to hear. This technology travels through the bones of the skull, emitting frequencies that the brain will then compute into sound. The company pioneering the technology, SkyGo aims to roll it out across Germany in the near future. The ads are also used to update listeners on the weather and play music.

Firefox Extension Blocks Third Party Tracking

Firefox has a new extension available which will limit the amount of data that companies are able to obtain on its users. The Ghostery browser extension lets you see who is tracking your browsing data, and block them from doing so. Ghostery will also allow you to view exactly what companies are watching you browse, along with viewing access to their privacy policies. Ghostery also allows its users to opt into a ranking service in which individuals can share anonymous information about the trackers that they encounter while browsing.

World’s Largest Wind Farm now in Britain

The river Thames estuary in Britain now is home to 175 wind turbines. These turbines are enough to power 470,000 homes (2/3 of the city of Kent’s power.) and are a valuable resource for the nation. The UK has one of the cleanest energy investment histories worldwide, and remains very energy and conservation focused. The wind project operates up to 650MW of power, and is estimated to save up to 925,000 tons of Co2 a year. The Array showcases the UK’s ability to deliver on renewable energy projects, and has its sights set on the future with the possibility of a new 325MW offshore wind farm in Belgium.

European Parliament Votes to Investigate US Surveillance of its Residents

Unsurprisingly, the European nations are very much uncomfortable with the United States after the release of the NSA/PRISM scandal, which is becoming more of an issue as the public is given further information. The Parliament voted in a 483-98 debate to investigate the USA’s surveillance activities in Europe and report back its findings before the end of 2013. The measure also asks that European officials limit the data that they may share with the US, such as banking or travel programs that may track users. The debate and its outcome will not directly affect European-to-US communications, but as the Parliament begins its investigation, the end of the year may see a different story.

Nokia Debuts New 3G Capable Feature Phone

Though many have come to prefer smartphones, a vast majority of the world’s cellular users still prefer the more traditional style mobile phone. Developer Nokia has released two 3G Internet capable phones, the 207 and 208, which are designed to meet the high-speed Internet demands of today’s customers while still remaining functional. The phones come pre-installed with Twitter and Facebook apps, bypassing the touch screen, offering its customers a traditional keypad. The 207 model has no camera, while the 208 sports a camera with smart technology. The phones will be priced at $68 USD.

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