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by Modis on August 9, 2013

Can Apple Make a Comeback from its Declining Market Share?

With numerous developers producing Android phones, and the exponential rate of app proliferation in the Android marketplace, it is no surprise that Apple’s iOS is falling behind the industry-leading smartphone format.  Despite Android devices comprising more than 60% of the smartphones currently in circulation, some believe the decline of iOS is due to the lack of new hardware which supports it.  The iPhone 5 was released almost a year ago, and now Apple is poised to release the new iPhone with a revamped iOS backbone towards the end of the year.  Will the new device be enough to shift the market in Apple’s favor despite Android’s overwhelming numbers?  Only time will tell.

id Software’s John Carmack Joins the Oculus Team

The Oculus Rift is a revolutionary virtual reality platform that allows users to immerse themselves in artificial worlds, the likes of which have never been experienced before.  To capitalize on the phenomenal potential of this platform, the Oculus team has signed John Carmack on as their Chief Technology Officer.  Carmack is the co-founder of id Software and served as the lead programmer on such revolutionary titles as Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, and the Quake series in the early days of the first-person shooter genre and helped to pioneer the era of 3D graphics.  The Oculus team believes that his ingenuity and experience will enrich the virtual experience for everyone for years to come.

Samsung Paves the Way for Ultra High-Capacity Smartphones

Samsung has recently announced a breakthrough in compact memory storage that has begun mass-production and is expected to make its way into next-generation smartphones soon.  The technology is called V-NAND and uses a “stack” of layered flash memory storage compressed into a single chip not much larger than existing ones while providing more than 24x the storage capacity.  Most smartphones today are limited to 16GB of storage for videos, music, or other files users wish to keep on them without using some form of removable storage device, like SD cards.  This new technology would allow up to 384GB of storage in a device of similar size and weight.  Samsung has not yet stated when the new chips will be introduced into publicly available devices.

Google Chrome’s Security Compromise

Google’s Chrome Web browser is known as a popular choice with developers, technology gurus, and other tech-savvy individuals, but has been steadily gaining ground among other users as well.  For this reason, a recently discovered security flaw in the browser that makes passwords stored in the browser for faster logins easily readable has caused quite a stir in the tech community.  This flaw allows anyone to walk up to an unsecured computer using Chrome to view the stored passwords of the computer’s owner simply by navigating through a few menus.  The head of Chrome’s development team has acknowledged the weakness and stated that there is no plan to change the system at this time.

Bitcoins Deemed to be Currency by US Court

The Internet currency known as Bitcoins has been around for a few years now, used by many to buy and sell goods on the Internet securely without compromising the security of bank accounts or other sensitive financial outlets.  However, the increasing popularity of this currency (and the trading thereof) has caught the attention of some US lawmakers.  In a landmark case against Bitcoin trader Trendon Shavers, a US court in Texas deemed that Bitcoins are indeed a form of currency and thus subject to federal laws and regulations.


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