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by Modis on September 14, 2012

GoDaddy Wasn’t Hacked, Just Broken

GoDaddy, the well-known web domain hosting company, has issued a statement in response to the massive network outage experienced earlier this week. While many people remain suspicious of the claim, GoDaddy has assured its customers that the domain hosting platform was not hacked or DDoS-attacked by an outside party. Rather, it was simply an internal networking issue that corrupted the data tables of routers within the company.

Digital Domain Goes Bust

Digital Domain, the special effects company founded by James Cameron and others for producing effects for such films as Pirates of the Caribbean, Transformers, and Titanic, has recently filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and is currently pending court approval for a buyout offer from Searchlight Capital Partners. The company, whose most recent innovations include the famous Coachella Tupac hologram performance, has been in financial trouble for some time and sought business opportunities beyond Hollywood to no avail.

The New Front of the War on Piracy

Rather than confront the 800-pound gorilla that is Internet piracy these days directly, the U.S. Government has developed a system in conjunction with several major U.S. Internet service providers across the country that will serve as an “educational tool” to individuals who illegally download software or other media. This system will incorporate a series of alerts that will interrupt a user’s normal Internet usage and inform them (with increasingly disruptive dialogs, including video) that their usage of the service is against the policy of the service provider and that, when enough alerts have been sent to the same user, the service provider may cancel the service entirely or otherwise limit their bandwidth. The system is expected to go live by the end of the year.

Microsoft: The Next Generation

Fans of the popular Star Trek television series might be pleased to note that a signature piece of technology from said series is one step closer to reality thanks to a new patent published by the Microsoft Corporation. The “immersive display experience” uses an environmental display capable of projecting a panoramic image that appears to surround the user, much like the holodecks aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise. While the display is not intended to replace the television set, it is intended to act as an “extended display” into which the environment presented on the screen can be extrapolated onto the player’s surroundings.

Zuckerburg Admits Facebook’s Mistake

With Facebook’s stock plummeting rapidly and concerns rising about the future of the social media giant, CEO Mark Zuckerburg has come forth to acknowledge the mistakes made in Facebook’s mobile strategy. An over-reliance on the HTML5 format, intended to broaden the availability of applications across multiple platforms, has proven to be far inferior to providing separate native applications for each environment in the mobile arena. With the recent release of Facebook’s new iOS native application, people are reporting greater satisfaction and higher usage of the application than its predecessors. Whether this abrupt change of company direction will be enough to undo the damage, only time will tell.

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