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by Modis on September 23, 2011

IBM Finds Peace, While Sony Destructs

Internal battles often cause companies to shift external focuses from strategical to tactical. Internal fights devastated Sony’s bottom line. However for IBM, inner-peace fostered adaptation, collaboration, and long-term innovation. These are IBM’s three principles of successful leadership.

Is There an IT Doctor in the House?

Since the federal government announced plans to spend some $20 billion updating the country’s medical records and IT systems, big tech companies like AT&T have been fighting for a share. This is good news if you’ve dumped your parents’ doctor dreams after receiving your MD for a job in IT. Demands for CIMO (Chief Informational Medical Officers) are expected to grow as the government’s IT rehabilitation project begins.

Robots Build Brighter Futures

The latest advancements in creative software and robotic technologies are equipping exploration into the unexpected realms of architecture and construction. ETH (Eidgenossische Technische Hochschule), a university in Zurich, is developing ROB Units to cognitively condition to construction needs.

Increase Market Value by Recycling Passé Devices

For those customers who aren’t willing to drop the cash on the latest and greatest mobile device, Stefan Gromoll, a former astrophysicist and co-founder of the company Dotgo, discovered how to enable website browsing by text. Listen and learn, and soon you’ll be using your hyper-speed texting digits for searching needs.

Facebook Creates a Timeline for Success

Just when we were getting comfortable, Facebook is poking us with awesomeness. Ben Parr from Mashable had a closed-door dialog with Facebook on the specifics of some up-coming evolution with the social force, and insists that Facebook is about to revolutionize itself, yet again. Thursday’s F8 releases are only the beginning.

IT Security- BEAST Craves Your Cookies

Researchers Thai Duong and Juliano Rizzo are publicly unleashing their BEAST (Browser Exploit Against SSL/TLS). BEAST attacks the confidentiality of the protocol rather than typical https, which is authenticity property of SSL. Duong and Rizzo will showcase the damage it can do during the Ekoparty Security Conference.

Shopping for Tech Gadgets Like a Boss

Techspot just released the beta of their Product Finder, a real-time, comprehensive, online gadget and gear agitator for tech aficionados everywhere. Now all you need is this specialized resource to learn about best and latest tech equipment, components, and firmware for your company.

Stop Slacking Software

Larry Teiman wants to help you save your job, your company, and the economy. With software project costs out of control, it’s time we know how to detect and solve the issues early on. Here’s his thorough take on knowing when it’s time to pull the plug.

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