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by Modis on September 27, 2013

New Study Shows 15% of Americans Don’t Have Internet and 5% Think It’s Irrelevant

A new study from Pew Research shows 5% of the American population has shunned the Internet because they believe it is “irrelevant.” Surprisingly, 15% of the population ignores the Internet, mostly because it’s a “waste of time.” Other reasons people avoid the Internet are: it’s not available in their local area, it’s too complicated, and they believe Internet service is too expensive. Nearly half (49%) of these non-users qualify for Medicare, and 44% of them have asked others to use the Internet for them. Three percent of Americans still use the traditional phone line connection to surf the Internet.

Verizon to Attempt Tolls for Website Access

Under current Federal Communication Commission (FCC) law, no Internet service provider can block, throttle, or otherwise discriminate against online content. Verizon is trying to overturn this ruling, saying they want to prioritize websites and services willing to pay more for better access. The company is trying to block content from companies and individuals who are not willing to pay their tolls. Essentially, they want to control your online experience. They want to undermine the net neutrality rules they have previously said were unnecessary because they would never block or show favor to content.

AMD Announces Next Generation Video Cards

The next generation of AMD video cards made their debut at the 2014 GPU Product Showcase. This year, they have announced their full product line at once, rather than announcing individual products at their launch. The new products, branded R7 and R9, will target both lower and upper customers. The R7 series will the mainstream lower-end product, with new audio features. The R9 series will be the higher-end product, designed for the enthusiasts.

Nvidia Seeks to Make Peace with Linux

Those in the Linux community don’t shed a positive light on the Nvidia company, saying it is the “single worst company” developers have ever worked with. As a result, Nvidia is working overtime to make peace with them by releasing documentation to help with the development of the Nouvaeu driver—the open source driver for Nvidia graphics cards. Peace may be in the future, as Nouveau developers responded well to the information.

C Spire Wireless Expanding High Speed Internet Service

C Spire Wireless plans to debut fiber to the home Internet access with speeds up to 100 times faster than anything currently available on the market. It hopes the expansion will better connect the communities throughout Mississippi to promote increased economic development. Beyond residential areas, it hopes to target city and county government, schools, and businesses. Its debut location and price points have not yet been announced, but it plans to mimic the Google Fiber service launched in Kansas City, Kansas last year. Homes with Google Fiber access are selling faster, and school is kept in session virtually when it would otherwise close for inclement weather.

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