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by Modis on September 28, 2012

MIT Maps Buildings with Lasers

Most people, by now, have come to appreciate the usefulness of Google Maps and similar programs that provide a comprehensive map of roads with step-by-step instructions for traveling from one place to another.  A new MIT project has taken that concept to a new level by mapping the interiors of individual buildings, something that could be of considerable value to rescue personnel in the event of a disaster.  The mapping device is currently designed as a wearable sensor pack (complete with camera and laser rangefinder) that is carried by a person throughout the building, compiling images and distances as it goes.

Google Play Now Over 25 Billion Downloads

Google Play, Google’s counterpart to Apple’s 4-year-old App Store, has recently hit a significant download milestone of 25 billion only 6 months after the service debuted and is celebrating by offering deep discounts on many of the store’s most popular apps.  Google Play hosts over 675,000 apps and games compared to Apple’s 567,000 and the Android market share is rapidly outpacing Apple’s iOS with more developers coming on-board daily.

Intel CEO Says Windows 8 Not Ready for Release

Intel CEO Paul Otellini has told his staff that Windows 8, Microsoft’s latest operating system, is not ready for public release in an internal meeting in Taiwan.  While the details on why Otellini made this statement are unknown, if the statement is true then Intel could be facing significant difficulties when the new OS launches since most of the machines running Windows 8 will be using Intel hardware.  Potential customers are urged to try out the Windows 8 consumer preview to determine if the OS has the capabilities they need before making the switch.

DDR4 RAM Specification Finalized

The next generation of RAM has been finalized by the JEDEC Solid State Technology Association to bring order to the hardware manufacturing industry.  The new specification provides higher performance, greater reliability, and reduced power consumption when compared to the current generation’s DDR3 specification.  With DDR4 RAM speeds beginning at 2133MHz, future development of the new format is sure to leave today’s standards in the dust.

Amazon’s Newest Delivery Method

Some people are concerned with ordering items online because of the risk involved in potentially having a package delivered while they are away, often resulting in the package being left on a doorstep for anyone to steal or returned to a distribution store where it can only be reclaimed during business hours.  Amazon, however, is pioneering a new method of product delivery: lockers.  The retail giant has partnered with convenience store icon 7-Eleven to provide shoppers with highly secure metal lockers at select 24-hour locations where customers can come to retrieve their packages at any time, eliminating the concern of having packages stolen.  There is no additional charge to use the lockers, and Amazon provides them as an additional shipping method for customers in select markets.

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