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by Modis on September 30, 2011

Facebook Cookies Prompt Potential FTC Investigation

Self-proclaimed hacker Nik Cubrilovic accused Facebook of tracking users even after they logged out of the site through the use of altered cookies, which Facebook promptly denied. However, in response, Facebook changed the cookie behavior that concerned Cubrilovic, but now two congressmen are requesting that the FTC investigate the situation.

National American Linux Desktop Has Arrived

Designed for secure use, a Linux desktop distribution — called the Lightweight Portable Security (LPS) — was created by the Software Protection Initiative and is incapable of installing anything. It specifically runs in memory and doesn’t leave any traces behind.

November Means New Net Neutrality

The FFC-approved net neutrality rules will take effect on Nov. 20 after being put into the Federal Register. Having been approved in December, these laws are meant to preserve the values of the “open web” by doing things like prohibiting the block of competitive content.

New Amazon Browser Utilizes Cloud Storage

The new Kindle Fire tablet features Silk, a new browser that uses cloud computing in order to enhance its performance. With a “split” architectural design, this browser will allow content to be more readily available.

Macs to Reach Fiber Optic Cable Support

While Intel says that the Thunderbolt ports on the newer Macs already support optical cabling, new optic cables will become available next year and will allow longer connections. This is vital to getting Thunderbolt out of its 10Gbps bandwidth.

IT Unsure About Securing Social Media

A recent survey finds that 64% of responders believe social media has the potential to be a big threat to their organizations’ security.  Only 29% of the 4,640 people surveyed said they had the protection necessary to protect their systems.

QLogic Reveals Consolidating Network Products

The firm unveiled a network adapter that permits 10GbE and 16Gpbs Fibre Channel traffic to be sent over the same wire. Most of the new offerings will ship next year and one as late as March 2012.

IT Jobs Will Funnel Into Three Types

While IT pros dominated back in the late 1990s when jobs were always in demand, things are changing. With a dramatic shift in the IT work environment, the jobs of the future will be simplified to three types: consultants, project managers, and developers.

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