Digitally Connected from Takeoff to Landing

by Modis on November 7, 2013

Greetings from 30,000 feet! Yes, that’s right, I’m blogging, tweeting & vining directly from my flight to talk about this brand new, and much anticipated, regulation from the Federal Aviation Authority. Talk about dedication.

A New FAA Regulation

This past week, the FAA approved the use of personal electronic devices (or PEDs for short) for the entire duration of the flight – even if the plane is below 10,000 feet. No more will you have to struggle and shuffle in your seat to turn off all of your PEDs at cabin door’s close or final decent – so long as you’re flying JetBlue, American Airlines or Delta. These three airline companies are the only ones to announce that they have fully adopted the new regulation. US AIrways also has plans to implement soon, but no word on a definitive date from the airline. In fact, I’m currently flying JetBlue – somewhere right off of the East Coast – and not once in the pre-flight safety instructions did they even mention PEDs. Our flight attendant did slip mid-flight & tell us that we could turn on our devices, but then corrected herself, saying she still had the old talking points engrained into her memory. I’m sure most flight attendants in the JetBlue, Delta & American fleets are doing much of the same.

But what about Virgin?

There’s one thing I have to ask, though… Did Virgin Airlines make a backup safety video to account for when they adopt these new regulations? For their videographer/video editor’s sake, I sure hope so. I would hate to see a masterpiece like that go to waste.

This is Gia Ciccone, signing off & bidding you happy, safe & digitally connected travels!

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