Obama’s Plans for Six Tech Manufacturing Hubs & Other Tech Headlines for 1/27-1/31

by Modis on January 31, 2014

Azure Server Design Now Open Source

Microsoft announced their Azure server design will now be open source. The company once resisted the admission of Linux into their data centers. Microsoft has now joined the open compute project. The company has invested more than $1 billion into building a worldwide presents with their cloud data centers. It currently runs a million servers. Microsoft isn’t running Azure only for mega data centers, as it does have a variety of facilities all over the world. Azure was designed to meet multiple demands in a variety of their facilities. In some instances, it would be used to manage the Bing search engine, while others would handle office 365 or Xbox online gaming. Still others are designed for the end-user customers running their own workload.

AMD’s First ARM Processor is 8 Core 64-Bit

The new AMD Opteron A-1100 series is a processor targeted at servers. It can integrate 8 processor cores and will be one of the first ARM chips to be 64 bit. AMD is using the Cortex-A57 processor design, known as the highest performing processor, according to ARM. The new processor will be a break from the traditional Intel only compatible strategy on which AMD was built. The chip manufacturer is highlighting the 64-bit capabilities of this processor. Silicon for project development begins to ship this quarter.

State of the Union: Obama Plans to Create 6 Tech Manufacturing Hubs

As part of his effort to create more domestic job growth in the United States, President Barack Obama used the State of the Union address to announce plans to create six high tech manufacturing hubs. He did not specify where these facilities will be located, or what industries they will specialize in, but did suggest congressional support could lead to the creation of more hubs in the future. This is similar to his message in last year’s address, where he discussed his administration’s efforts to create a 3D printing lab in training center in Youngstown Ohio. Earlier this month, he did announce another manufacturing facility to be located in Raleigh, North Carolina, that will focus on developing energy-efficient semiconductor technologies for cars and consumer electronics.

Facebook Saves $1 Billion Creating its Own Computers

Facebook is the main company behind the Open Compute Project. It is where the company builds its own hardware like computer servers, network equipment, and hard drives that are used to it to deliver the Facebook website to browsers. Facebook has saved more than $1 billion dollars in the last three years, according to CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Many other large Internet companies, such as Amazon and Google, have also designed their our own hardware, but they treat that technology as a secret and use it as a competitive advantage. Under the open computer project, Facebook technology is giving it away for free, and it invites other companies to contribute too, using a concept known as open source hardware.

Government Reaches Deal With Tech Firms on Data Requests

This week, the Obama administration agreed to allow technology companies to make more information about how the government monitors Internet use available to the public. This is a move designed to ease the public’s concerns about distrust, and corporate issues about snooping. This agreement allows companies such as Facebook, Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo to disclose more information about the requests and demands they receive from the government. The catch is, the numbers are to be released in broad ranges, and companies will not be able to block any demands they consider intrusive. The disclosures pact specifically focuses on Internet traffic and not phone records.

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