Around the IT Industry 8/8/11- 8/12/11

by Modis on August 12, 2011

Watch What You Say – Google Search Results Now Contain Google + Posts

Google+ has joined Twitter and Facebook in their own race for social search integration. Some believe they’ve already tripped on Google Buzz, and wonder if Google+ can complete the run. What do you think?

Check Your Images at the Door – They May Contain Malicious Code

McAfee studies a C&C server used in the attack, and reveals steganographer may have helped steal intellectual property from 70 sources in 14 countries. Symantec exposes the secrets of how cyber-espionage hacks hid malicious code that made-up unsuspecting images. Beware of the dark haired woman in the purple-feathered hat.

Meet the Man That Brought Video to Facebook

Philip Su, the lead engineer for Facebook Video Calling, walks us through his experience creating and launching the feature. The discussion touches on why he was chosen as the solo developer, Microsoft’s acquisition of Skype, and the delicate balance of usability vs. privacy concerns.

Did Your Cell Phone Just get Pwned?

AT&T™ and T-Mobile™ are learning a hard lesson about their GSM and GPRS data networks. In 11 minutes, Karsten Nohl, a former Ph.D. candidate at the University of Virginia and now chief scientist at Berlin-based Security Research Labs, intercepted, recorded, decrypted, and listened in on GSM phones using a radio, PC, and set of rainbow tables. Software add-ons like Whisper Systems and Cryptophone can alleviate some concerns, but overall, it looks like there are definite weaknesses that these cell phone carriers will need to address.

IT Staffing – The New Economic Thermometer

Think the economy is headed for doom and gloom. IT hiring trends may prove otherwise. The rise of direct IT hires and corporate IT expenditures show the upside. Growth may be in our near future after all.

USB Drives to Power More than Just Your Cell Phone

USB fires it up. Its power capabilities are planned to increase flow from 4.5 to 100 watts. We’ll soon be lighting our lamps and saving a colleague’s zapped laptop via our USB port.

Google Spices Up Chrome – Pepper Provides HTML5 Bindings for C and C++

The lasted Google Chrome upgrade, still in beta, includes NaCl that ultimately enables HTML 5 binding for C or C++. Don’t fret if your employer uses another brand of browser. They’ve promised to makes plug-ins available to other browsers as well. Our divided experience of desktop applications to web to cloud computing is mixing into one sweet pot of homogeneous interaction. Did you expect anything less from Google?

Oldies but Goodies – Tech that Thrives at 50

Checkout the geeky tech that grew with us. Here’s a slide show of 18, 25-50 year-old technologies that still thrive on. Which is your hero, Unix or C++?

Apple Lends a Hand and Shows it has a Heart

Apple’s campaign for patent protection has been dominating headlines, and now their lending a hand to protect independent iOS developers from a patent infringement lawsuit by Lodsys. If we peel back the layers of aluminum and hard plastic, Apple still has a heart.

IT Geeks Need to be Good Managers Too

Test your chops as a CIO. Dr. Larry Tieman, former SVP of IT at FedEx and CIO at GE Capital Logistics, walks us through how success as a CIO demands more than having a technical skill-set. Strong competencies and continually development of management skills lay the foundation of true leadership.

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