Around the IT Industry 9/12/11-9/16/11

by Modis on September 15, 2011

Angry Birds on the Brain

The Angry Birds phenomenon is taking over. Get a bird’s eye view of the obsession behind its success. Who knew chasing pigs could be so much fun? Why not take sides, and voice your choice of who is right: porkers or birds?

Don’t Be a Tool – Learn to Integrate BPM

Business Process Management (BPM) affects every level of a company, even those specialized in tech industries. From the boardroom to new graduates, there’s a piece of valuable insight waiting for you in this BPM summary.

Don’t Get Trapped in the Honeypot Scam

Simple misspelled domain names may be the key to unlocking your corporate secrets. If someone drops or adds a dot to your email address, do you know where that email ends up? Trade secrets, business invoices, network diagrams, or log-ins can easily get stuck in limbo if you aren’t prepared.

Ready to Rumble?

Well-known gaming veterans are ready to take a fight to the bright lights. Rumble is going public this week! It’s business model is based on a free service with fees for add-ons. Think corporate sponsors will spar with Rumble to toughen up bottom lines?

In IT, Work = Life

Along with increasing salaries, an IT career also accelerates demand for your work. If you want to be on the top, it may require some adjustment to outlook: these tips will help spark that aha! moment.

Government Data Breach

Know the data breach laws in your state? Are you even sure there are any? Legislation is weighing heavy on the security of user information, and may hold your company accountable if a hack steals confidential user data. Make sure your team is ready for full accountability of security.

Microsoft Prepares to Launch Windows 8

Steven Sinofsky, president of the Windows division, discusses the latest and greatest features of Window 8. Some highlights: It’s cloud dashboard is both user friendly and visually appealing. It has mobile style utilities, and an application sharing feature. What do you expect from Windows 8?

20 IT Ideas You’ll Wish You Had

Even after doing your best, and the team giving 150%, your competitor can still figure out how to do it better and faster. Being first to market usually gives an upperhand. But in the IT sector, it also means you carry the risk burden. So, relax for a moment, and let someone else do the dirty work.

Anonymous Wages War on Wall Street

This Saturday, Sept. 19, Anonymous is gearing up to wreak major havoc. Their new weapon, written in Perl, Python and JavaScript, has already crashed the main WikiLeaks site, attacked Twitter, and now they are running other test missions to verify the scalability and reliability of the new site killer. It’s time to research cloud insurance.

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