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by Modis on September 2, 2011

Bite-Sizing Big Data

Big data and its analysis have evolved to better business across industries, which allow companies to quickly define what customers are likely to buy. Check-out this sweet breakdown on big data that derives fact from the fiction.

The Race Continues as Google Gains on Microsoft

Google launched its mail, docs, and calendar system into an HTML-5 offline component within Chrome. Microsoft can take a quick breather because Google still has a few more hurdles to make before its docs are editable with this latest offline edition. But, Microsoft should take this challenge seriously, because many feel it will soon be lagging in the glistening Google glory. Which company would you wager on?

Symantec Weighs In On the State of Cyber-Security

More than 3,000 respondents in 36 countries participated in Symantec’s 2011 State of Security survey, which found cyber-security a top concern for businesses ahead of traditional crime, natural disasters and terrorism. They provide statistics, but also make significant recommendations to help you bulk up the resistance.

Hackers Play Nice with Nokia

Can this be considered cruel and unusual punishment? Hackers break into Nokia’s developer forum, steal email addresses and public profile information, but skipped the passwords. Then, they chastised Nokia for its lax web security, promised they had no intention to leak the information, and urged the company to improve upon security … or else.

IT Betters Your Health

Lorin Bird, KLAS research director and author of the report- Business Intelligence: Making Cents of Performance, notes that the 2010 health reform law is provoking the archaic health industry to renew itself. In the process, doctors are shifting focus from quantity to quality of care by comparing individuals symptoms to the larger community’s through data trends and patterns that business intelligence (BI) software is now providing access to.

3 Tips to Mobilize the Business of Mobility

Touch pads to phones, mobile tech is advancing and spreading at the speed of light. At least, it feels that way. The time span between the old and new is a matter of months, not years in go-go gadget-land. So, why limit your mobile strategy to particular devices? Here are three critical points that will get you mobile strategy a-steppin’ in the right direction.

The Force Is Within Gaming

In every corner of our digital existence, from cellphones to Facebook, games speak to us, distracting our attention and setting our alter-egos free. Jeremy Reimer tours us through the 2011 Starcraft gaming tournament, and unveils why gaming is prime territory to infiltrate the masses.

Colleagues Who Flow Together Stay Together

Social collaboration tools and processes have impacted internal workflow development as much as they have on consumers lives. Enterprises that lag behind their competitors in implementing such operational support are losing valuable time and personnel resources. Create harmony with these motivating recommendations from Laurie Buczek, Enterprise Marketing Manager for Intel.

Social Networking Spreads Like a Zombie Plague

It’s likely you’ve already caught the bug, but The Pew Internet & American Life Project’s survey just wanted to make it official. With more than half of adults online using social media, which is a major spike from the meager 8% in 2005, social media could be considered infectious.

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