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by Modis on September 9, 2011

Tiny and Tough – Breaking world records with Nanotechnology

A single strand of human hair is about 60,000 nanometers wide, and current reigning champ for the world’s smallest engine is sized at mere 200 nanometers. The Chemists at Tufts University hopped on the trend of shrinking and have tinkered a molecular motor to the wee spec of 1 nanometer. They hope that the tinsey motor will improve functionality of sensing and medical devices that involve tiny pipes.

Ruling an IT Company – 15 Immutable Rules that You Should Know

Learning the hard way has costs. Here’s profound wisdom that can straighten out some serious financial, operational and PR problems, and prep your company’s success within the IT sector.

Stretching a BS degree to Become CIO

Chris Corrado, CIO of Asurion, a tech insurance company, paved a grounded road to success. He drove his way up from a BS in business administration with a computer science by learning from his mistakes and carefully weighing the risks. He reminds everyone that making it to the top is more than glory. It takes guts and sacrifice.

Questions that Make the Most of an Invested Career

Lay-offs happen, then what? Do you stay in IT, or do you try to breach into another sector? What indirect areas of your IT experience can you capitalize on? These seven question and answersmay spark some ideas to inspire your next moves.

Socializing Spreads through Open Source

As Facebook rebels against the DIY Open Source trend. Google is embracing it. What Google wants Google usually gets. Competition from Google may eventually force Facebook to relax a little and accept open source with open arms. Jonathan LeBlanc shares some of the capabilitiesopen source programming is expanding across social applications. He also wrote a book about it.

Chamber Your Rounds with Data

This week Appistry announced a new line of productscalled Ayrris to make massive data manipulations easier for several industries. It’s replacing the existing CloudIQ line, and will focus on open scalable solutions for data management. The line includes Ayrris/Bio for future gene sequencing tasks, Ayrris/Defense for government and intelligence data apps, and Ayrris/Finance to squeeze the last pennies out of tight budgets. Ayrris is hoping to streamline data processing and weaponize users with lethal analysis.

10 Years of Reflection

The events of 911 were unfathomable to many back in 2001, but have we learned how protect our nation from the horrific tragedy? The Bipartisan Policy Center’s National Security Preparedness Group (NSPG) asked their selves the same question. Their recent report points out several of the 911 Commission’s top recommendations were cyber security related and have yet to be addressed.

Master Those Mundane Server Logs

Even the dullest of tasks has a reason behind it. Scan regularly for these 5 influxes, and you’ll be bulking-up the company’s IT security plan and cash pile. Show your boss that you consider important defensive and offensive strategies through every effort.

Links Live and Die

Hilary Mason,’s lead scientist, found that a link’s lifespan depends on the platform it is released on. Through her 1,000 link study, Facebook extended a links life by 24 minutes more than Twitter. What would you be doing with your last 24 minutes?

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