Why Didn’t You Get The Job? 10 Interview Mistakes You Might Be Making

by Kristin Lauderback on March 3, 2015

people waiting for an interviewHave you ever found yourself wondering why you didn’t get a call back after that interview you thought went well? You answered all the questions. You have all the skills they want. But you still didn’t get the job. Where did it go wrong?

Modis Austin Recruiting Director Kristin Lauderback sees it all the time: qualified candidates not getting the job because they’re overlooking some very simple but crucial factors that can make or break an interview. More often than not, candidates are forgetting simple rules of social etiquette and making these interview mistakes, and it’s costing them to get passed over.

Interviews are your chance to make an exceptional first impression, and here’s Kristin’s expert advice for starting off on the right foot:

1) How’s Your Handshake?

A good handshake should always be firm and not loose, but not so firm you’re breaking a hand! Too hard of a handshake can seem overpowering, whereas too loose can come across as lacking respect.

2) Maintain Eye Contact

Constant eye contact shows you are interested or engaged. It also gives people that feeling of trust. Conversely, wandering eyes often gives the impression that someone is lying and isn’t trustworthy.

3) Balance Confidence and Humility

How do you rate your SQL skills? If you claim they’re 10 of 10, you’re basically saying they are perfect. A lot of hiring managers will ask harder questions than they originally intended just to prove to you that you are not. Be honest, yet know where your strengths lie.

4) Don’t Fake It

Anything on your resume is fair game, so be ready to explain it! If you can’t back it up with details, take it off. If you don’t know something, be honest and say you don’t, but you’re willing to learn.

5) Smile

You’re never fully dressed without a smile!

6) Dress Appropriately

As a Recruiting Director in Austin, Kristin has noticed that because it’s a casual city, some people feel like dressing up for an interview is necessary. Keep in mind the company’s culture and dress to fit that. Not sure what that means? Check out our suggestions.

7) Grooming

This is a big one! Every detail matters. Make sure you cover your tattoos and that finger nails are trimmed and clean. Get a haircut. Spit out your gum. Don’t smoke before an interview and avoid eating anything that leaves a pungent odor. Make the best personal hygiene impression!

8) Redefine “On Time”

10-15 minutes early is “on time.” Arriving on the dot is late. If you’re more than 15 minutes early, sit in your car and wait. Be respectful of your interviewer’s time.

9) No Fiddling

While fiddling and fidgeting are a frequently a nervous behaviors, it comes off just as negatively as bad eye contact. Practice sitting still and being conscious of your movements.

10) The No-Phone Zone

A phone that rings in the middle of an interview is the kiss of death, so turn it off or leave it in your car.

Ready For Your Next Interview?

At Modis, we know that finding a new job and interviewing can be time-consuming and frustrating. Our knowledge, insight and resources is key in matching you with great careers with leading companies. We place our focus on finding the right job for your skills, and annually we place over 13,000 connections with consultants in exceptional IT job. Are you next? Search our open positions today.

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