The 2014 Tech Trends Forecast White Paper

by Modis on October 8, 2013

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By 2020, employment within the IT sector is projected to increase by 22 percent according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This unprecedented growth in IT hiring is being driven by the emergence of new, innovative technologies.

But with each new innovation comes the need for new innovators – people who have the right blend of technical skills, business savvy and leadership qualities necessary to not just utilize these technologies, but to optimize them.

What technologies will shape the future of the IT industry in the year ahead? And what types of people will you need in your workforce to make sure it shapes up for the long-term?

To find out, get your free copy of our 2014 Tech Trends Forecast.

This white paper includes…

In this new white paper, we take an incisive look at the four most important trends that are fueling advances in technology today. These trends include:

    • The Expansion Of Mobile Strategy and Applications
    • The Increasing Prevalence Of Predictive Analytics
    • The Demand for Better Security
    • The Health IT Evolution

We look closely at each trend, tracing its origin and uncovering the reasons behind its growing prevalence. We also explain exactly how it is impacting your business, and how ignoring the trend can cost you.

From there, we list the specific IT professionals you will need on your side in order to capitalize on these trends, and we spell out the specific skills you need to look for when adding talent to your team.

The IT industry is about to enter a period of tremendous growth. Make sure your company is in position to grow along with it by getting a head start on hiring trends in the year ahead.

Don’t wait. Request your free copy of the 2014 Tech Trends Forecast White Paper now!

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