2016’s Hottest Car Tech

by Modis on January 14, 2016

Self Driving CarEvery company is now a tech company, which means that engineers, data scientists, and IT leaders have more options than ever when it comes to finding a career.

With so many jobs available, it’s important that candidates take a step back and evaluate what they are most passionate about—that is, when you’re looking for a new career, you’ll want to weigh your passions and hobbies, too.

One sector that is growing and looking for tech talent is the automobile industry. With self-driving cars on the horizons, auto manufacturers need smart talent to innovate successfully. And if you’re not into self-driving cars? Almost every company is looking to improve its GPS systems, audio integrations, and overall driver experiences.

Want to pursue a job in the automotive industry? Here are the most in-demand roles for tech’s biggest trends.


The Need for More Connected Devices

More and more, consumers are living in a connected world. Why should a car be any different? Companies like Google and Apple are moving into the automative industry to ensure that their technology is fully integrated. These operations require strong technical minds at all levels from planning to implementation and Q&A support. The automotive industry needs big-picture thinkers who can see how all of these moving parts fit together in a cohesive customer picture— it’s a role that’s ideal for former product managers and technical architects.

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The Growing Prevalence and Ubiquity of Mobile

More and more, consumers’ lives are tied to their smartphones. The automobile industry needs technical experts who can bridge the gap between the many different parts of drivers’ lives that are becoming increasingly mobile driven.

App developers, data scientists, UX, and product managers are all crucial to this ecosystem. What’s even more important is that these individuals can piece together the many moving parts of an effective mobile strategy. Automotive giants need researchers who can understand consumer needs and builders who can develop effective solutions.

Momentum for Self-Driving Cars

From Uber to Tesla and Google, big companies are talking about self driving cars. The biggest question that emerges from this vision is “how?” What tools and technologies are necessary to make self-driving cars a reality? What practical considerations are at play? How can auto manufacturers and technology providers most effectively pursue emerging opportunities?

That’s where innovation artists—technologists with an entrepreneurial heart—enter the picture. The automotive industry has big dreams and need people who can make them a reality. Innovation artists know how to navigate organizational constraints, explore untapped markets, and turn ideas into results.

Create Your Own Dream Job

Believe it or not, your dream job may still be growing and evolving. The tech economy is vast, continuing to expand, and only now just maturing. Many industries, including the automotive, need to adapt and will steadily become more innovative. They need new talent, and you might be the right person. Contact one of our 60 offices across the United States to get started in finding your dream position!


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