2017 Tech Conferences You Should Attend

by Ashley Miracle on December 20, 2016

attendees enjoying one of the tech conferencesConferences are a great way to build relationships with top people in your industry, discover new technology, and connect with great companies looking to hire. If you want to meet dozens of employers in one short session, you need to become an active presence in the communities that you’re aiming to join. Here are the top tech conferences of 2017 that you absolutely need to check out if you’re looking to advance your career in IT!

Our Top 6 Tech Conferences

We hand-picked these tech conferences based on their reputations, past speakers and previous attendees. If you will be attending another conference that’s not on our list this year, we would love to hear about it in the comments!

SXSW / Austin, Texas / March 10-14, 2017

This annual conference is an ideal way to score some face-time with industry leaders in cutting-edge technologies and digital creativity. For five days, conference goers will have hands-on training through interactive technology surrounding new websites, video games, startups and design.

Collision Conference / New Orleans, Louisiana / May 2-4, 2017

Nicknamed “America’s fastest growing tech conference” Collision needs to be on every job-seekers list to check out in 2017. Taking it up a notch this year, Collision has grown to over 20,000 attendees and allows candidates to have one-on-one time with CEOs of some of the largest tech companies out there, as well as those running the fastest startup brands in the world.

O’Reilly Fluent / San Jose, California / June 19-22, 2017

Launching in 2012, Fluent has grown to much more than just a web development conference. Offering attendees the chance to connect and learn about all areas of web technology, Fluent is unlike any other web community. From the panel of veteran speakers to the hands-on tutorial sessions, there is a place here for you!

Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing / Orlando, Florida / October 4-6, 2017

Touted as the largest conference for women in technology, the Grace Hopper conference is centered around some of the hottest areas in the field. Whether you are looking to connect with the brightest, most-successful women in the business or just want to learn about the latest tech trends being dominated by fellow females, this conference is for you.

WSJ.D Live / Laguna Beach, California / October 16-18, 2017

Every year, the Wall Street Journal brings together a group of investors, CEOs, leaders and visionaries who set the global tech climate for the year. With a wide range of topics, attendees are submerged in discussions surrounding big data, digital platforms, security and the future of online technology. Be among the first to learn about emerging trends in the ever-changing tech industry at this conference!

Techweek(s) / Miami, Detroit, Chicago, New York and Los Angeles / Throughout 2017

The conference name alone tells you everything you need to know about this event: all things TECH! Bringing together the entire tech community under one roof, this conference allows job seekers to connect with some of the top tech companies in the country. There are various dates and locations across the United States.

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