6 Job Hunting Lessons from Star Trek

by Modis on March 26, 2013

Searching for a new work gig is a daunting task that can often feel like you’re boldly going where no one has gone before. You never know where you’ll end up or how things will turn out until you reach your destination, but the journey itself can be a grand adventure too. Here are some lessons to help you in your intrepid job hunting quest, borrowed from our pals on the good old starship Enterprise.

Resistance is Futile  Being assimilated isn’t so bad when it means scoring a great-paying job doing something you enjoy. Figure out what your prospective employer is looking for, play to any strengths you have that fits their needs, and be eager to join the collective consciousness. The good news is most bosses won’t require you to carry around a bunch of unfashionable and unwieldy cybernetic implants. 

Don’t be a Red Shirt – Standing out from the pack can be good thing — except when it marks you for inevitable death (or in this case: being passed over as a job candidate). Be professional and dress for success when going to face-to-face interviews.

Damn it, Jim! I’m A Doctor! – You may find yourself in over your head when a potential employer lays out job roles that far exceed your capabilities. Rather than just fudge it and hope for the best, be honest if you don’t feel equipped to handle a particular job.

Think like a Ferengi – If you’re a very qualified candidate for a position but feel like the pay doesn’t jive for the amount of duties being asked of you, don’t be afraid to politely and tactfully attempt to negotiate terms so both parties will find this a “profitable arrangement.”

Shields are at 30 percent, captain! – When a job hunting situation turns sour — whether you’re having an awful interview or find out the gig responsibilities are a nightmare — know when to stick it out and when to turn tail at Warp 9.

Energize – Just like beaming down to an alien planet for the first time, you never quite know what you’ll face when heading into a job interview. Be prepared for anything. Improvise if you have to. Just don’t get too close to any weird-looking office flowers.

Feeling inspired? Great. Now get out there and “make it so!”

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