90s Tech Toys are Alive at Modis

by Modis on July 23, 2015

With a Clinton and a Bush vying for the White House, and a Jurassic Park film dominating the box office, it seems that generational nostalgia for the 90s is capturing the hearts and minds of people everywhere. Recently, we asked our friends on Facebook what their favorite 90s tech toys were and how they would update them for 2015. We received a lot of great answers, but the following four really stood out!

And the Winners Are…

Bop It

bop it

Adam suggested developing an app for your smart devices that syncs with your Bop It. This would allow users to upload their high scores and Bop with other players around the world. Nice one, Adam!

CD Changer

cd changer

Joe recommended adding multiple more disc slots (up to 100!) to the classic CD changer, as well as creating an application that syncs the changer to any device on a user’s network. He also made the point that syncing it to the network would allow for music streaming. Way to innovate, Joe!



To finally help the Talkboy grow into a Talkman, Joel proposed replacing the tape mechanisms with a single-board microcontroller and a voice-recording shield. But Joel really wanted it to maintain the retro Talkboy style we all know and love. To really take things to the next level, Joel also recommended integrating a GoPro camera to make the device a camcorder as well. We like the sounds of that, Joel!



Miguel envisioned a modernized Tamagotchi that utilized an app for smart devices. The app would feature real time capabilities and life-like sounds. In order to manage the physical Tamagotchi when a user doesn’t feel like monitoring it or using the app, Joel proposed using a Lego robotics kit to build and program a “Tamagotchi babysitter.” All a user would have to do is place their device in a Lego cradle which has the ability to press the Tamagotchi’s buttons on its own. An excellent collaborative effort by Miguel and Joel to modernize the TLC of everyone’s favorite virtual pet!

Our tech toy innovators will each be receiving their very own Modis Swag Bag! Congratulations to you all!

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