A Recruiter’s Mission: What Top Candidates Can Expect in Today’s Market

by Mark Steenstra on June 19, 2012

As a recruiting professional in the Columbus, Ohio market over the past 8 years, it’s been exciting to work in a field that’s particularly dynamic and ever changing.  But the nature of the IT industry to constantly innovate creates special challenges for recruiters, particularly today when top candidates are in such high demand.  Speed to market is often critical for clients who need the right resource right now.  But speed can’t compromise the candidate vetting process that insures that both the client and the candidate’s goals are met and a great match is made.

For a recruiter, the key to meeting these challenges is staying in constant contact with qualified consultants with the most up-to-date or in-demand skills so that we can immediately react when a great opportunity arises. Right now for Columbus, those hot skills include Project Management, Business Analysis, Application Development, Quality Assurance, and Database Administration.  If you’re a qualified, in-demand consultant you can expect calls and emails from multiple recruiters, and multiple job offers. The market is hot and great consultants can expect to be courted aggressively.

Candidates should also be aware of what a recruiter’s role will be throughout the process.

Though the pressure is “on” to connect IT professionals and clients quickly, I always perform a full assessment of a candidate’s experience, skills and career goals. I screen their online presence, check references and most importantly, meet with them, either in person or via a video interview to formulate a clear understanding of what their goals and preferences are.

Once a candidate has met with a recruiter it’s fair to expect them stay in contact.  A good recruiter will let you know about additional openings and give you updates about opportunities that may be a match.  As a consultant, you should feel as though your recruiter is committed to finding the right opportunity for you.  And once you’re placed in a position, the relationship shouldn’t just end.  A great recruiter will continue to follow-up while you’re on assignment.  They want to ensure you’re happy, things are working out, and that the company continues to be the right fit.

Finally, a great recruiter will actively pursue one-on-one time with you. One of the best parts of my job is getting to know the consultants I serve.  Whether over the phone, over lunch or a morning cup of coffee I want to know if the job is meeting your needs, if your goals are being realized.  And if there are issues I’m there to help iron them out.  When recruiters do their job well, they ultimately become their consultant’s most ardent employment and career cheerleader. In my profession, the ultimate reward comes in knowing you’ve connected someone to that perfect position and helped them achieve their future career goals.

Mark Steenstra is the Recruiting Director for the Modis Columbus office in Worthington, OH. You can follow Mark on Twitter or connect with him via LinkedIn.

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