6 Alexa Skills You Should Be Using

by Modis on November 16, 2017

alexa skills to useAmazon’s Echo family is making itself known on the tech scene. From the compact Echo Dot to the visual Echo Spot, the options for these Amazon powered virtual assistants are plentiful. One of the perks: Alexa skills. These device enhancements allow you to transform your Echo to meet your needs, whether they’re for business or pleasure. These are our top picks for the Alexa skills you should be using now.

“Alexa, play Jeopardy!​

If you enjoy stretching your knowledge with the infamous TV quiz show, you’ll love becoming a contestant in the comfort of your own home! The Jeopardy! skill pulls six clues from categories featured on that day’s episode.​ Once you’ve responded to the clues, you’ll learn how your performance compared to other players. Fans of the show might even notice a familiar voice as you use the skill!

“Alexa, open Rosetta Stone.”

Have you always wanted to learn another language? Here’s your chance to do just that! The Rosetta Stone Alexa skill gives you the opportunity to learn French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German, Japanese or Russian. You can pick up greetings, learn how to get directions, and ​how to discuss food and drink among other topics.

“Alexa, start Millionaire Game.”

While this Alexa skill will (sadly) not make you a millionaire, it will test your knowledge over a series of 14 questions. You’ll choose from four possible answers to each question and move to the next question if your response is correct. There are even three lifelines available to you if you get stuck on a question. More than 2,500 questions are currently in this skill and more are added each week, ensuring endless hours of entertainment.

“Alexa, open Night Light.”​

Tired of stubbing your toe at night in your dark room? Have no fear, Night Light is here!​ The Alexa skill casts a glow to illuminate the space in which it’s located. Boasting a timer to turn off automatically and the ability to close without making a noise, this is truly a middle-of-the-night sanity saver.

“Alexa, open Mayo First Aid.”

Little bumps and bruises happen all the time. Treating them correctly helps the healing process, but how do you know if you’re responding the right way? When you’re in the midst of your  everyday mishaps, the Mayo Clinic First Aid Alexa skill provides quick, hands-free answers. Whether you’re dealing with a spider bite or a baby’s fever, all you need to do is open the skill and ask your first aid questions.

“Alexa, tell Glad Leftovers that I’m adding tomato soup to the fridge.”

Tired of throwing away leftovers? The Glad Leftovers Alexa skill helps you make the most of your food! You tell the skill what you’re storing and where you’re keeping it, then it will let you know where they are the next time you’re hungry. It’s a great way to make the most of your grocery budget!

Have some favorite Alexa skills of your own? Tell us on Twitter!​

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