America’s Inner Geek is Out

by Modis on May 10, 2013

Back in the day, the words “geek” and “popular” were never included in the same sentence. Thick glasses, comic conventions, Sci-Fi movies and technology were never really “fun things” in the eyes of most Americans… until now. That’s right, everyone. Today, America’s inner geek is out!

In celebration of Geek Pride Day (May 25), Modis asked people around the United States to weigh in on what it really means to be a geek and why they are proud to be one. Well, the geeks have spoken! Eighty-seven percent of American people said they do not sneak their geek! From comic books to fan fiction and even to geeky fashion, these proud geeks are out in full force, with our non-geek friends appearing to be more accepting than ever before.

No longer hiding behind desktop computers and clunky calculators, geeks are now branching out and donning technology in a much more stylish fashion. Fifty-one percent of geeks would wear the very new – and very chic – smart glasses technology; additionally, 61% of geeks are anxiously awaiting the release of the well-speculated smart watch, so they can sport these cool gadgets on their wrists. Speaking of fashion… No longer are geeks scared of wearing their favorite super hero or cartoon character clothing. In fact, a whopping 65% of geeks are proud to wear the logos and likenesses of their favorite heroes on their clothing while out and about. Our advice? Work it, geeky comrades! Work it!

Although a geek’s main love interests include the Internet, computers and smart phones, 68% of Americans have warm hearts for our geeky friends, saying they would indeed date a geek! There’s a chance for true love for all Trekkies and Techies and everywhere. It’s clear: The world loves you, geeks! You’re perceived as hard working, loyal and just a tad awkward – but don’t worry, we think the awkward charm works in your favor. Now get out there & hold your pixels high! Happy Geek Pride Day!

For all of our Geek Pride survey results, check out our infographic, and be sure to share it with your favorite geeks in honor of Geek Pride Day!

America's Inner Geek is Out - Geek Pride Day Infographic

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xavier May 28, 2013 at 11:08 pm

hi im 30yrs old and i would say im a geek! i have no problem letting ppl know so im glad this is here

Modis June 20, 2013 at 2:10 pm

Woo hoo! Go geeks! Be loud & be proud!

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