Around The IT Industry 10/24 – 10/28

by Modis on October 27, 2011

Cloud computing may create IT jobs

After reading ZDNet’s piece about Cloud destroying IT jobs, Bernard Golden offers a new perspective. He points out that the computing world has never been a static one, and things won’t change with Cloud Computing. He cites Jevon’s Paradox as a possible explanation.

Researchers think Duqu Trojan and Stuxnet worm may not be related

While Duqu was initially thought of as the “Son of Stuxnet,” Dell Security researchers think Duqu may be a new breed with an objective that is still unknown. Regardless, it’s still a serious Trojan and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Oracle releases NoSQL database

Oracle released the database on Monday and set a first-quarter launch date for the Big Data Appliance. These large steps are taken in the midst of competitors also announcing platforms, like Microsoft and IBM.

FCC makes “historic” vote to fund broadband

Commissioners say they voted historically when they decided to overhaul the telephone subsidies system and focus on deploying broadband instead. The fund will be capped at $4.5 billion a year, and areas that don’t yet have service will be getting broadband.

Codify makes programming easier on the iPad

iPads aren’t usually the go-to medium for programmers, but an app released Wednesday called Codify allows people to build simple simulations involving touch-based visual programming and hand-coding. It uses Lua scripting to make the most of the tablet’s system.


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