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by Modis on April 5, 2012

Enterprise Networking with 4G LTE

Wireless phone providers all over the country have been promoting their new 4G wireless plans for several months now, but what does 4G mean for enterprise? There are pros and cons to adopting the high-speed wireless network, and it pays to know whether it is right for your company or not.

Get Up and Go with Google Go

Google recently released version 1.0 of its new programming language, Go. The language seeks to combine the development speed of dynamic languages like Python with the safety and performance of compiled languages like C++ and is available now in binary distributions for most major operating systems in addition to a variety of development tools for use with the language.

Macs Under Attack

For a long time, Apple computers were considered largely immune to computer viruses and malware. All that has changed now, however, as a Russian antivirus company’s analysis has concluded that at least 600,000 Mac computers are infected with the Flashback Trojan, a malware package designed to steal personal information.

Piracy Goes Mainstream

The battle over digital rights management and copyrighted materials sharing on the Internet has never been fiercer than it has been lately. Despite the music industry’s attempts at regulating the sale of digital music and punishing those who distribute such files illegally, over 5,000 artists have opted to willingly offer their music up for free to The Pirate Bay, a well-known file-sharing site recently targeted by litigation.

Blackberry Blacks Out

A few years ago, the word “Blackberry” was synonymous with “smartphone.” These days, however, the company that produces the signature line of devices, RIM, is in financial trouble as Blackberry sales continue to decline in favor of the more popular iPhone and Android products. With an industry powerhouse declining so rapidly after its heyday, many people wonder how long Apple and Android will stay on top.

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