Augmented Reality: the Future of Education and The Job Seeker

by Modis on October 15, 2015

augmented reality

The education landscape is about to undergo a seismic shift, and the changes will have a direct impact on the way that you engage and connect with candidates. The reason? Augmented reality is going to play an increasingly important role in the way that learners source, engage with and absorb information. Mashable has a great definition of the concept:

“Augmented reality (AR) refers to a live, direct or indirect view of a real-world environment. Elements are augmented by computer-generated sensory inputs like sound, video, graphics or GPS data.”

Technology and the real world interact in real-time, so everything is continuing to happen ‘in the moment.’ As a result, there is going to be wave of new hires who are on a completely different learning plane from the workforce today—it’s going to be important to understand their frames of reference and processes for digesting information. The best way to prepare yourself is to understand the role of augmented reality in the classroom and the evolution of the technology itself.

Classroom Implications

Through augmented reality, students will have access to more experiences and information than they ever thought possible. They can visit museums, learn about new countries, spend time with cultures—the possibilities are limitless. The young professional entering the workforce may not have spent many years on this earth, but he/she will have seen more of the world than most older employees. They’ll be highly educated and an arsenal of ready-to-access information will be at his or her disposal. If you thought millennials were smart, just wait until this group enters the workforce.
The flip side of this strength is that augmented reality will begin to decrease attention spans. At any given time, individuals will have a mechanism to stay entertained, witness new places and engage their senses. As a result, the new cohort of young professionals will get bored easily—hiring managers will need to take this behavior into consideration when meeting candidates for the first time.

Not to mention, candidates will have higher demands for efficiency. They won’t have time for mis-scheduling, broken video technology and delayed outcomes. They’re going to demand immediate progress and they are going to want to trace their steps forward. Hiring managers will need to support this process.

Approaches to Augmented Reality

From a technical standpoint, augmented reality isn’t just one thing. Augmented reality has numerous cases for use from entertainment to productivity. Different tools will support different goals and the market of available resources will continue to become fragmented.

Through augmented reality and virtual reality, people will consider their technology even more of an extension of themselves. This means the emergence of candidates picking and choosing their own tech will become more common. Non-standard technology and personalization in the workplace will be an expectation rather than a perk. Young professionals will be accustomed to designing their own systems and processes. Companies will need to support this diverse infrastructure to best empower them to be their most productive.

The Road Ahead

Augmented reality tech is going to make waves, disrupting every organization and team. Your best experts to guide you through the transition? It will be the new generation of professionals who grew up with this tech in the classroom.

Given that augmented reality technology is still in its infancy, it can be tough to visualize what the road ahead entails. Study the sociology instead—understand how your future hires and jobs are going to be changing and evolving.

Make Exceptional Connections

AR is changing everything. A new kind of worker will emerge which means the job hunt and hiring process will evolve along with the workplace landscape. Get prepared now.

Whether you are looking to connect with exceptional job seekers or move your career forward, working with a strategic partner like Modis can help you get there faster. Contact one of our 60 offices today to get started.

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