How to Break Tech Etiquette Rules

by Modis on October 7, 2015

break tech etiquetteHaving access to incredible technologies can be a huge boon or a big distraction. Finding that balance between immersing ourselves in the power of the latest tech innovations and staying connected in the “meatspace” world isn’t always an easy juggling act. We break the rules of tech etiquette all the time without even realizing it. But what if there was a way to do so without ruffling feathers? Here are three easy “hacks” for skirting around the rules of techtiquette (tech etiquette).

Getting Social at Work

Social media can be a real productivity killer and time-waster, which is why so many employers frown on having you fiddle with your accounts while on work time. Firing up Facebook or Twitter during work might get you in hot water, but what about staying on top of your online social life in a simple unobtrusive way?

Scoring an Apple Watch might be just the thing to keep you plugged-in without the big boss taking too much notice. While the Apple Watch doesn’t quite have a Facebook app yet, it does have apps for Twitter and other popular social media sites. Given it’s tiny form, you can get away with a lot without pushing your social life to off-work hours completely. You could even type up that report while watching the online social world flutter by with just a quick glance at your wrist.

Plugging-in on the Home Front

If you’re a techie living amongst a household of folks who scoff at your burning need to check email, social media, and be online constantly, you might catch at lot of flak for your frequent eyes-to-screen time. Rather than going covert and trying to sneak a peek at your smartphone or computer screen when your significant other isn’t looking, why not try to turn them from technophobes into tech converts instead?

Granted, screen addiction isn’t always a healthy thing, but if you want to ease some of the stress in your relationship caused by your gadget obsessions, try to entice your loved ones into the fold. The best way to do this? Show them how your favorite tech doodads do something that’ll interest them, and once they bite, offer to get them one! Here a few key phrases to add to your battle plan lexicon:

– “Check out this cool gadget!”

– “Look what you can do with this new app!”

– “Hey, did you know you’re smartphone does this?”

Get them hooked, and they’ll be more tolerant of your own screen obsession — either that or they’ll be too pre-occupied with their own to care.

Gaming in Plain Sight

Gaming is growing, both as an industry and as a more socially acceptable form of entertainment for folks of all ages. But if you’re not a kid, there’s still an uncomfortable social stigma when it comes to pulling out a handheld gaming console to clock a quick session with your favorite game in public.

If you’re not inclined to let your geek flag fly, you can avoid the awkward stares and uncomfortable whispers by turning your smartphone into your mobile gaming platform of choice. With so many people using their phones for reading, web browsing, and more, it’s easy to capitalize on this to make people think you’re doing something serious and important even when you’re not. If you’re careful about shifting your body language and facial expressions, you can pass for someone who’s texting, reading, or emailing. Nobody will know that you’re really leveling-up your Black Spindle for the King’s Fall raid.

Share your Techtiquette Hacks

These are just a few hacks for breaking tech etiquette without causing mayhem in your work and home life. If you have any other creative tips to share, go ahead and post them in the comments section below!

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