Campus Takeaway: Today’s college students are an impressive bunch!

by Jack Cullen on March 18, 2016

UF students tell us about their dream jobs.This week, I had the pleasure of meeting many talented students from the University of Florida (Go Gators!) at Adecco’s Way To Work “Street Day,” which is one of our global company-wide initiatives to raise awareness for, and combat, youth unemployment.

My goal for the event was to join forces with Adecco Group North America’s CEO, the great Mr. Bob Crouch, as well as our senior leadership team and other colleagues to provide tips to students on how to develop their hard and soft skills that today’s hiring managers seek. We also wanted to make exceptional connections with first-time job seekers by securing them summer internships and part- and full-time jobs with top technology and engineering companies nationwide.

Now, I can’t speak for every student at every university, but wow, was I impressed with this particular group! In fact, that may be an understatement. I’ve never met so many gregarious, well-spoken students in all my years. And each and every one seemed very sharp and eager to roll up their sleeves and get to work in their respective future fields.

To be a bit more specific, here are three key takeaways from the event.

1. Are college grads ready to enter the workplace?

Yes, absolutely! As I spoke to each student and learned about their education and work experience, I realized that they are entirely ready to enter the professional workforce—even those a year or two away from graduating. They’ve selected majors in fields with robust job offerings, such as business, information technology and engineering, and have also taken on internships that have prepared them for their future careers. Not only do they have the hard skills to succeed, but also the adaptability and willingness to learn that will help hone their soft skills.

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2. They know how to sell themselves!

I was blown away at how prepared the students were to sell themselves. After asking all the right questions about Adecco and our family of companies, including Modis, each student provided resumes and portfolios, complete with a full summary of their technical qualifications and project achievements. Not to mention, they were quite confident in their approach. The conversations were so natural. These are the people that are literally going to save the world one day by turning modern ideas into realities.

3. Millennials are ambitious and motivated!

One might think “entitled” or “demanding” when they hear the term Millennial; however, this is not the vibe I got—at all. It was quite the opposite. They were very ambitious to meet us and to learn how we can help them with networking, internships and career opportunities. And it wasn’t just the seniors who are about to transition to the workforce; it was underclassmen as well. Talk about encouraging.

I’m excited to continue to participate in this growing program and look forward to meeting many other students across the U.S. After all, these are the future leaders of so many great businesses. Speaking of the future, it looks bright!

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