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by Modis on February 20, 2017

Pet technologyIn 2009, an Amazon representative told Forbes, “The most significant year-over-year growth is technology applied to pet training and behavior.” Eight years later, pet tech is in high-demand, so much so that the massive and popular Consumer Electronics Show (CES) now features an entire section of booths solely dedicated to our furry friends.

This year at CES, pet tech trends were geared towards making it easier to care for pets. A lot of the newest pet tech inventions are also based on older ideas but take those concepts to a new level resulting in some pretty cool pet tech. Here are some of the newest pet tech picks.

1. Litter Robot

Self-cleaning litter boxes aren’t entirely groundbreaking (you can purchase a variety of these at your local big-box-store), but Litter Robot has filled the gaps that those other options left behind by designing a self-cleaning litter box system that includes a sifting feature. The sifter separates clean litter from dirty litter, which, ultimately saves you money. Litter Robot also comes with a night light, so your cat doesn’t get lost on the way to the bathroom at night.

2. Easyplay Pet Ball

Does your dog get any exercise while you’re away during the day? Unless you hire a dog walker, your pooch probably gets pretty bored. That’s the void that Easyplay Pet Ball is trying to fill. This little robotic ball interacts with your pup all day long. You can control the ball using an app that includes features such as; a monitor that allows you to see when your pet was last active.

3. Petcube Bites

This device allows you to watch your pet’s daily activity (using a full HD camera) remotely while also using an app to dispense a treat for your pet. Treats slide out of the camera (attached to a wall), so you can feed your pet even while you’re out. This gadget is the ultimate in making sure that your pet is happy all day long.

The Future of Pet Tech

Americans spend around $60 billion per year on pet products. That number includes things like clothing and collars but also includes dollars spent on the latest pet technology. Why are pet products and technology so popular?

There are a number of theories, but one of the most compelling is simply guilt – the more time we spend away from home, the less time we spend with our pets. So what better way to quash that guilt than to flip your dog a treat using an app or buy a robot to play chase with your pup when you can’t?

There’s also the practical side of pet tech. Things like self-cleaning litter boxes and automatic feeders make life simpler for all involved.

And then there’s the simple fact that there’s just more to buy – bags, collars, costumes, birthday bark boxes – there’s no end to the things you can buy for your pet. The boom in pet technology that Amazon noted in 2009 isn’t showing any signs of slowing down yet!

Let us know in the comments below what some of your favorite pet tech items are.

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