America Names The Top 3 Coolest Tech Jobs

by Modis on November 18, 2015

It’s no secret that the tech world is full of interesting and quirky opportunities for job seekers who revel in the magic of ones and zeroes. While there are tons of different roles to consider across numerous disciplines and specialties, our recent survey shows there are some tech jobs that America believes are cooler than most.

Development-related positions that blend creativity, problem solving and techie tinkering together in inventive ways ranked very high. If you’re eager to find a tech job that’s fun and flexible, here’s a look at the top three coolest tech job roles around and what makes them great!

Software Engineer

Average Salary

Anywhere from $63,477 to $127,337 depending on skill level and specific supervisory role.

Job Details

Whether you’re spearheading new digital products for a company or coding internal tools to help with the business, this job is best for those interested in designing, crafting and testing new software. Software engineers also help test programs and install applications and operating systems company-wide. This role has lots of room for growth too, if you’re interested in becoming a team leader in the future.

The Perks

You’re the person who helps solve problems in interesting ways. Being able to tackle the task at hand with an analytical mind, balanced with a creative touch can be truly rewarding, especially when a program you design spins out into a big win for the team or the company at large.

Web Application Developer

Average Salary

Anywhere from $68,066 to $126,061 depending on skill level and specific supervisory role.

Job Details

Web application developers are tasked with building, launching and maintaining online programs and web-based services for companies or brands. This role involves a lot of flexibility and creative problem solving, allowing ample room for fresh ideas. Knowledge of HTML, Java and other web-centric coding languages is highly recommended.

The Perks

You’re essentially coding hot new software for the web. Building and updating online applications for web integration lets you flex your creative muscle in a way that can generate powerful results for your company’s brand. Plus, users love web apps and they can be a lot of fun to design and create from a development standpoint. Some of the hottest startups are created off the back of killer web apps. Wouldn’t you love to be one of the masterminds responsible for putting that into play?

Mobile Application Developer

Anywhere from $79,123 to $61,017 depending on skill level and specific supervisory role.

Job Details

Love games and helpful apps? That’s what this super fun and creatively rewarding job role is steeped in. Mobile applications developers are responsible for coding, testing and updating the latest and greatest apps for smart phones and tablet devices. It’s a rapidly growing industry and a perfect job opportunity for folks who are eager to add a touch of geeky gaming pizzazz to their resume.

The Perks

Mobile is HUGE and it’s only going to continue to grow. You know that cool high-tech thingamajig in your pocket? That’s your ticket to a wide world of excitement and creative success. Imagine creating the next hit mobile app that catches fire and spawns a new trend.

Connect to an Awesome Career

Our survey respondents pegged these three job roles at the top of their tech careers wish-list, but there are plenty of other cool jobs to explore. We’re working with top clients all over the country looking for their next tech super stars. Contact us today to get connected to your dream career!

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