Emerging Trends in IT Staffing

by Modis on December 8, 2011

Bobby Knight, the Senior Vice President for Strategic Sales and Delivery at Modis, talks with Chris Pirillo about trends happening in IT staffing.  Overall, Modis has seen clients develop a better understanding of the value of contingent labor and the flexibility it provides their business.  With the economic downturn, clients  appreciate the ability to quickly augment their workforce to handle projects on an “as needed” basis. Additionally, Knight is seeing more and more Modis clients move toward the VMS or Vendor Management System model to control costs surrounding  staff procurement.

Additionally, although offshore initiatives were initially seen as very desirable due to competitive pay rates, Modis is seeing many companies move away from the offshore model after experiencing unforseen hidden costs such as longer training/ramp up timetables due to language and cultural differences and the inability to access resources in other time zones when needed.

Knight also spoke about Modis  in recruiting, including the implementation of more centralized recruiting teams that specialize in top IT talent for specific technologies and skill sets.  Furthermore, Modis continually monitors the industry to better predict the skill sets of the future in order to better advise candidates regarding their careers and better serve clients with the resources they will need.

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Priyanka October 9, 2015 at 11:25 am

Recently, I was working in a cnpmaoy in IT department. They kicked me out you know why? Because they brought IT worker from India for cheaper price.My interviews were excellent but they hired only the IT people with a H1 visa. If you are a US Citizen then you have a less chance to get into an IT job. Do you know who makes the decision to hire a candidate? Indian (H1 visa) IT manager. They hire the people only within people from their own circle. Interviewing process is just a fake and this is just showing to HR.Company should not hire people who have a degree and work experience from outside of US in their resume(mostly is fake).New graduate students(US Citizens) are going to suffer very quickly if we don’t pay attention to these. WE SHOULD STOP OUTSOURCING.

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