Forest Bathing and Other Stress Relievers for Techies

by Modis on December 2, 2015

forest bathing

The holidays are upon us and we want to help you recharge before you head into 2016! For those of us who spend the vast majority of our time heavily entrenched in code and computer screens, it’s hard to find moments of peace, calm and tranquility where we’re not tethered to some form of electronic devices. Even when we’re off the clock, unwinding time usually involves staring at some kind of screen or gadget. But when you’re immersed in technology day in and day out, it’s vital to carve out time to disconnect and de-stress away from your favorite tech.

Taking the time to regularly clear your head, de-stress and recharge without being connected to the high tech world will help you excel at your job and find better balance in your own personal life. We’re sure you’ve heard of all the basic stress relievers but here are some unique and inventive ways to pull the plug and achieve the relaxation, you desperately need!

“Forest Bathing”

Communicating with nature can be a tremendously peaceful and cleansing experience, and it has the potential for powerful stress-relief if you’re someone who clocks massive amounts of screen time. Instead of actually taking a bath in the woods, which sounds less than relaxing, “forest bathing” or Shinrin-yoku is the Japanese art of taking a short, leisurely trek to a forest. This long-time practice is proven to relieve stress and anxiety, and it provides other lasting positive health effects, too. The best part? It’s easy and inexpensive, even if you have to travel a bit to reach the nearest woodlands.

Try spending a few hours in the woods exploring at a relaxed pace, pausing to rest at pleasant stopping points to reflect on the beauty of nature. Bring water to stay hydrated and avoid over-exerting yourself. The idea is to simply explore, clear your mind of tech clutter and soak in the natural serenity around you.

Guided Meditation or Group Meditation

Meditation has long been a tried and true practice for relaxation, self-improvement, and personal reflection. Calming the mind can unlock the door to healthier living, and it can clear your head to allow for greater mental sharpness and clarity. This is beneficial to your work life and your personal world. The trick, however, is to join a local group or find friends to meditate with. This can provide a sense of community and bonding, but it also encourages you to stick with a meditation routine to reap the long-term benefits of continued practice.

If your internal mental dialogue is always running a mile-a-minute, guided group meditation sessions set to calming music can be a great way to unwind and decompress.


If meditation alone isn’t your thing, Yoga just might be. This discipline pairs relaxation of the mind and body to provide a bevy of health perks. Much like meditation, Yoga comes in lots of different flavors, but it generally incorporates controlled breathing exercises, physical poses, and meditation that serves to quiet the mind and control your body. It can be great for lowing blood pressure, reducing stress, and improving your physical fitness, too. This is another great group activity for stress-busting, though it’s also easily adapted to a solo routine if you don’t feel like squeezing into stretch pants in public.

Take an Unplugged Vacation

Thankfully it doesn’t take a lot of time or money to turn even the most simple of vacations into an unplugged vacation. It does take a bit of self-restraint and mental effort, though. The prospect of leaving your computer, fancy smartphone, and favorite doodads behind might be terrifying to some, but enforcing a no-tech getaway can be just the thing you need to decompress from stress and prime your mind to dive back into your high tech work groove feeling utterly rejuvenated.

Whatever your specific approach involves, anyone in a tech-heavy work environment needs to steel away from the neon glow of the computer screen and disconnect from the fast-paced world. Try some of these tips to slow things down, find your mental happy place, and reboot your internal systems so you can recharge and excel.

Are you Taking a “Tech-Free” Holiday?

Let us know what your tech-free plans are this holiday season. Post in the comments section below if you have ever “Forest Bathed” or know of any stress relief ideas to help all techies!

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