How Gen Z Workers Can Become In-Demand Workers

by Modis on September 11, 2015

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A perceived lack of on-the-job experience can be one of the biggest challenges you’re faced with overcoming when entering the professional work force at a young age. For many, it becomes a frustrating catch-22. Hands-on work experience in your field will boost your resume and help you get ahead in your career. Getting those initial opportunities can be tough though, when you don’t have a lot of work experience to begin with.

The good news for plugged-in and tech savvy Generation Z workers is it’s possible to position yourself for maximum career success even if you don’t have a lot of prior on-the-job experience to lean on. Are you a fast learner? A creative thinker? A tech enthusiast? A motivated individual? We thought so. Here are some ways to tap into your inherent potential and make yourself an enticing hire for prospective employers.

Capitalize on your existing tech skills

Growing up in a time of rapid change and tech innovation, Generation Z is even more attuned to the online and technology realms. Being adaptable to the latest technologies and a fast learner when it comes to acquiring the skills to put this important hardware and software to use is critical. You can easily leverage your existing tech skills and ability to pick up new ones to improve your job hunting chances. This flexibility and eagerness to adapt can be valuable to an employer.

Take initiative and highlight your independence

Hiring managers value workers who are willing to think ahead and take initiative to get the job done or tackle a tough challenge preemptively. Pair this with your ability     to work efficiently without constant supervision, and your confident independence can be a great attribute to bolster your potential for landing your next dream job.

Create a professional online persona

Putting yourself out into the world in a professional way is important, and building a web presence is a great way to get started. Building a professional looking website and online home base to showcase your talents demonstrate that you’re serious about leveling-up your career. Don’t forget to apply this to your social media presence, too, especially sites like LinkedIn and Twitter.

Look beyond traditional learning opportunities

Decades ago, college was the best way to expand your mind and learn the ropes of your preferred career path, but that’s not the only option available to Gen Z. While higher education is still important, there are now a tremendous number of resources available for picking up invaluable skills outside of the traditional education track.

Online courses, ebooks and networking groups offer extremely affordable ways to learn at your own pace and the range of skills covered continues to grow at a rapid pace. For the price of a coffee or a night out at the movies, you can score many hours of video tutorials or nab a virtual stack of ebooks on any subject you can imagine. In the time it takes you to pore through these materials, you can pick up a lot of useful IT and professional skills to highlight when approaching employers.

Starting off your career in the right direction

Work experience is useful, but GenZ workers can make tremendous gains by highlighting their tech skills, showcasing the right attitude and tapping into the many resources at hand to bridge the gap to their first steps up the career ladder. Modis can help you connect with your dream job. Check out our large database of jobs, today!

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