Google Moonshots Epic Innovations During the 2000’s

by Modis on August 26, 2015

google x

Take a moment and picture the craziest sci-fi innovations of the future that your mind can muster. Nanotech? Artificial Intelligence? Drone Delivery? Whatever cool things your imagination concocts, it’s entirely possible that Google is already working on them. For the last five years, the creative techie minds behind your favorite search engine have been plugging away in creating some truly wild, futuristic projects. These innovations are frequently referred to as “Google Moonshots” for their ambitious and forward looking nature.

All of this is spearheaded by Google X, a secretive, high-tech laboratory tasked with building and testing unusual projects ranging from self-driving cars to uncovering what the baseline level for human health is. In some ways, the bold new future frontier seems surprisingly not so far off. Here’s a look at three of the most interesting “moonshot” projects to come out of this ongoing initiative.


It might not seem like it, but that Internet connection you’re reading this article through right now is a luxury. A huge chunk of the world’s population, roughly two-thirds to be exact, doesn’t have access to the Internet, but Project Loon aims to change that. How, you might ask? By using the power of wind to scatter massive swarms of floating balloons across the edges of space armed with wireless internet. Yeah, it’s crazy enough that it might even work.

And that’s just the beginning. Project Titan aims to do a similar thing with robotic drones, and it may eventually be combined with Loon down the road into one single system.


google calico
Originally a Google X project, Calico has spun off into its own independent company aimed at developing health innovation. This fairly mysterious endeavor is focused on researching and uncovering ways to extend human life through technology. The company is staffed with scientists from across a broad-reaching range of disciplines, from pharmaceutical development and medicine to genetics and molecular biology, and its research is only just getting under way on a bigger level.

Self-driving Cars

google self-driving car
Robots will be our nice, helpful companions until they inevitably rise up and destroy the world. Until that happens, we have neat up-and-coming advancements like Google’s self-driving cars to make our existence more automated and convenient. Half awesome and half terrifying, these work-in-progress robot rides take the term automotive to the next level. They’re a thing that currently exists, though it may be sometime before they gain broader use in the wild.

Creating Innovation One Tech Professional at a Time

Google Moonshots are leading the way in tech innovation and many companies are following suit with their own new technologies. This means the tech workforce is expanding and a whole new array of jobs are on their way. If you’re ready for a job from the future, contact one of our skilled IT recruiters or search our massive database of available positions, today!

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