Benefits of Google vs. Apple with Wearable Tech

by Modis on May 12, 2015

Wearable tech

In recent years, smartphones have been the big must-have gadget to carry with you on the go. However, that trend is gradually shifting as wearable tech gains momentum. Smartwatches are now the latest techie trend of the future. Google Android Wear smartwatch devices have been out for a while now, but with the Apple Watch gunning for domination in the wearable tech space, the big question is how do these devices stack up to one another?

The Apple Watch isn’t quite the Android Wear-killer people expected — at least not out of the gate. With so many comparable features and functions found across the smartwatch devices, the Google vs. Apple debate boils down to a matter of personal taste. Here are some key highlights to help you decide which wearable tech is right for you.

Handy perks and minor pitfalls

When it comes to the little details, both smartwatch lines are packed with neat functions that make them an alluring upgrade from your old timepiece. Whether you’re using your watch as a remote control for music or as a trigger for your smartphone’s camera you’ll find a range of high tech perks across both Google and Apple branded watch products.

The Apple Watch has a couple of unique functions that give it an edge in some areas. It can connect to your iPhone over Wi-Fi. This ensures you won’t lose connectivity if you wander out of Bluetooth range — provided your watch and phone are connected to the same WiFi network.

Another feature that is ranking high on the charts is the ability to take calls on your Apple Watch, which isn’t available on Android Wear currently. Apple’s neat Digital Touch feature lets you send and receive sketches, feel taps and transmit your heartbeat to other friends who have Apple Watches.

Android Wear smart watches, on the other hand, don’t have to be constantly tethered to a phone device. They’re independent gadgets, which means you can install apps and games directly onto the devices. Apple plans to eventually implement this feature but hasn’t yet. For folks who don’t already have an iPhone, doubling down to buy one so you can get a watch too is likely a deal breaker.

Google’s smartwatches are also waterproof and can be worn fully immersed in water — which is something that could potentially destroy the “spill resistant” Apple Watch.

Health functions to the max

For a lot of smartwatch users, fitness is one of the most important functions, so it’s no surprise that both Google and Apple have front loaded a suite of excellent health-centric functions into their devices. Both brands’ watches can keep track of your fitness activity, and they’ll sync up to Apple Health or Google Fit respectively — or a range of third-party fitness apps, as well.

The Apple Watch takes things a bit further, however, by providing more detailed activity measurement when you specify different exercise you’re doing. This device lets you set detailed goals for different types of activities, like standing, moving, exercise, etc. It also reminds you to get moving if you remain idle for too long.

How much will that cost me?

Apple’s smartwatch comes at a more premium price, and its standout features might not be enough to justify the added expense for some users. Realistically, it all comes down to what kind of phone you already own, how you plan to use your smartwatch and what kind of functionality you’re most interested in.

New tech brings new jobs

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