Green with Envy: Superheroes and Villains we Wish we Could be on St. Patrick’s Day

by Modis on March 13, 2015

Saint Patrick’s Day is almost upon us, which once again means it’s time to prepare for the festive traditions of donning green garb, imbibing green beverages and enjoying green edibles of all sorts. But for those of us who spend our days steeped in the tech world and — let’s be honest — generally prefer to walk on the geekier side of the street, the color green also holds another important cultural significance: super-powers!

What better way to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day than to highlight some of the best green spirited superheroes and dastardly villains from the comic book realm? That sure beats overdosing on food coloring. Here’s a handful of our green-garbed and green-skinned faves.

Doctor Doom

©2005-2015 JPRart

Don’t mess with the creepy, laser-shooting man in the green iron mask! When this doctor makes house calls, things tend to explode, catch fire, or become annihilated. While he originated as the bane of The Fantastic Four, good old doc has stirred up mayhem by making many a cameo in his countless years as an evildoer supreme.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

You’d think that living in the sewers might spoil one’s appetite for pizza, but that’s precisely the opposite for these heroic green-skinned teens. You can blame these guys for adding totally excellent (RE: cringe-worthy) phrases like “cowabunga, dude” and “turtle power” to our lexicon of awkward 90s awesomeness.

The Incredible Hulk – hulk smash

A big burly brute with anger management issues, The Incredible Hulk is a favorite behemoth who proves that scientific nerdiness and uber strength can be a perfect pairing. What, you disagree? Hulk SMASH!

The Green Goblin

Norman Osborn as Green Goblin, art by Luke Ross

While his Jester-like attire doesn’t seem particularly menacing, it’s hard to deny that flying around on a jet-powered surf-board and hurling explosive pumpkins all day isn’t pretty cool.


Yoda in Attack of the Clones

OK, we know Yoda isn’t quite a name you might expect to see in a superhero/supervillain roundup, but this pint-sized Jedi Master isn’t someone to mess with. Also, the classic Star Wars comics were a reading staple back in the day.

The Green Hornet

Green Hornet & Kato by Paolo Rivera

This green masked vigilante dates back to the days of early radio broadcast storytelling, but he’s since been revived numerous times on the page and the big screen to showcase his crime fighting prowess.

The Riddler

Nobody likes a smarty-pants, but The Riddler doesn’t care. This supervillain wears his braininess on his sleeve, and is a big fan of giving Batman and his Gotham cohorts a serious schooling in the fine art of Q&A.

Poison Ivy

The first appearance of Poison Ivy, in Batman #181

Another classic Batman comic villain, Ivy has a bad reputation for her sassy eco-terrorist spirit and a touch that can kill. Watch out, she’s got that mind control thing down to a science.

The Lizard

Known for his long tail, long tongue, and long lab coat, this reptilian rebel likes to give Spider-Man a run for his money. That, of course, is what you get for playing around with mutagenic chemicals. Obviously.

The Abomination

A former KGB agent turned super beast, this steam engine made out of skin and bones was famously crafted to be “bigger and stronger than the Hulk” by Stan Lee, and he didn’t hesitate to give his fellow green skinned combatant a serious what-for in their first encounter.

Check out our Green with Envy Pinterest board for more pictures of our green-themed superheroes and villains. We’ve also pinned some vintage comic book covers for you to enjoy. Happy Saint Patrick’s Day from your friends at Modis!

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