High-Tech, Low Stress Thanksgiving

by Modis on November 16, 2015

Modis Thanksgiving

Recently, members of the Modis team got together to watch Phil Hansen’s TEDTalk, “Embrace the shake.” It’s an inspiring story of an artist who developed a tremor in his drawing hand during his time at art school. Hansen was understandably devastated and considered giving up on his art career until his neurosurgeon made a simple, but powerful suggestion: embrace the limitation, and transcend it. After we watched the talk, we decided to challenge ourselves to reflect on our own limitations and figure out ways that we could embrace them. With Thanksgiving right around the corner, a lifelong limitation immediately sprang to my mind: my culinary aptitude. To make matters worse, this year will be my first Thanksgiving out on my own away from my family, and I am attending a dinner with friends and coworkers where I am expected to contribute my own dish.

As a young millennial, I am frequently reminded by the internet that I like to do things a little bit differently. Taking my cooking limitations into consideration, it would appear that this meal preparation would not dissuade anyone of that notion. Leveraging our Modis team’s extensive knowledge of the latest and greatest tech, I began to assemble the following list of products and gadgets that would help simplify my cooking process. If you’re looking to take some stress off of your plate this holiday season and replace it with some excellent meals, read on:

The Prep Pad

prep pad

The Prep Pad is the perfect gadget for optimizing the nutritional value of your Thanksgiving meal. It has the ability to access a food library of more than 300,000 items in addition to being able to scan barcodes, and provides an accurate breakdown of calories, fat, protein and carbs in your meals. Important to note, this may not be the best tool if you’re opting to go the deep fried turkey route this year.


Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 6.55.14 PM

Verilux is a really amazing gadget that I’m shocked my mother didn’t buy me after visiting my college apartment for the first and only time. It is a UV rechargeable sanitizing wand that eliminates 99.9% of germs and bacteria with Ultraviolet-C light. Simply waking it over solid, non-porous surfaces gets rid of that pesky bacteria. It’s perfect for sanitizing countertops, cutting boards, pots, pans, and the countless other kitchen items that go into preparing a meal. The last thing you want is to be known as the host that got your friends and family sick.



The Pantelligent was undoubtedly designed with people like me in mind. It’s a pan with an embedded sensor that measures food temperatures as you cook. It also has a handle that transmits data about the cook to a user’s cellphone via its app for smartphones, letting you know when to flip, add ingredients and, more importantly, when your food is done. Last but certainly not least, the app also has over 50 curated recipes and allows users to create their own.



After preparing a meal and spending a full day with extended family, I find myself particularly thankful for cold adult beverages, especially ones that I don’t have to mix on my own. Somabar is an app controlled robotic bartender that will mix up your favorite cocktail in under five seconds. The Somabar menu has over 300 different drinks to choose from and gives users the ability to add their own drinks to the app and share them with people around the world.

To see more great Thanksgiving gadgets, check out our Pinterest board!

Thankful For Cutting Edge Tech Insights

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