Hot IT Jobs On The Rise: Data Security in 2015

by Modis on January 12, 2015

Getting caught off guard was a running theme for some major corporations in 2014, as major companies like Sony Pictures, P.F. Chang’s, Home Depot, UPS, Goodwill, and more fell victim to devastating cyber attacks. These hacks resulted in millions of dollars in damage as well as leaked sensitive information to the public. With hackers keen to cause mayhem for any corporation that’s deemed a worthwhile target, many companies are eager to double down on their data security defenses in 2015 and beyond.

Top Tech Security JobsThe tech industry continues to expand at a tremendous pace, with a projected growth of more than 685,000 new tech jobs by 2022. Of that, data security jobs are expected to increase by 37 percent in that same time period.

Simply put: security specialists are a hot commodity in 2015 and beyond, and top candidates with the right expertise can expect to score a range of high-salaried gigs in this rapidly growing discipline.

Hot Jobs in Tech Security

You’ll find a wide range of positions ranging from entry-level spots to the top brass in the IT security field, but here’s a quick look at three of the most in-demand jobs:

1) Security Administrator

Role: A Security Administrator is responsible for monitoring networks and resolving security issues, protecting systems from unauthorized access, and implementing network-wide security policies.

Base salary range: $74,000- $108,000

2) Systems Security Analyst

Role: A Systems Security Analyst evaluates data security systems and applications, identify any relevant strengths or weaknesses, and then suggest effective ways to enhance these critical systems.

Base salary range: $84,000 – $111,000

3) Data Security Manager

Role: A Data Security Manager oversees company-wide systems to protect sensitive data from unauthorized access from hackers and malware. This managerial role also oversees other team members, while creating and implementing methods for uncovering, tracking, and recording weaknesses and security breaches.

Base salary range: $115,000 – $158,000

Top Recommended Certifications for IT Security in 2015

Certification is often a critical career booster for anyone looking to land positions in the information security field, as employers are seeking candidates who have top qualifications for these important job roles.

Entry-level certifications like CompTIA Security+ and GIAC Security Essentials are a great place to start if you’re gunning to get your feet wet in the field. These certifications require no prerequisites to earn.

For those with more experience looking to aim high and crack the upper crust of the data security field, there are other advanced options available. More turbo-charged credentials like Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) and Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) require a more prerequisites and a significant time commitment to earn.

These certifications can be a powerful way to give yourself an advantage over the competition, which we expect will continue to up its game as the data security needs and roles across the industry expand in the coming years.

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