6 Ways to Improve Your Hireability

by Modis on June 15, 2017

job candidate showing hireabilityThe time has come to find a new job. It may be a job seeker’s market, but there are still some tips you can use to make sure you’re the candidate who stands out for the role. Before you start looking at available job opportunities, take these steps to improve your hireability!

1. Brush Up on Your Hard Skills

One of the top factors for employers when they are hiring for a role is if you actually possess the technical skills needed to do the job. It may have been a while since you debugged a program or made a CAD rendering. Taking some time to re-familiarize yourself ​with the hard skills needed for your niche can help you refamiliarize yourself with the tools of the trade

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2. Be Mindful of Your Social Media

It’s true: potential employers will probably Google you. Make sure their first impression is a good one by ensuring your social media accounts are a positive reflection of who you are. You especially want to ensure that your LinkedIn profile is up-to-date and reflects your recent role and responsibilities. Begin engaging with your connections’ posts and post a few things of your own to show that you’re an active user!

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3. Do a Mock Interview

Mock interviews are an excellent tool to get you focused on potential questions that could arise in an interview. Running through your responses with a recruiter or professional mentor helps you be more prepared, especially if you haven’t interviewed in a while.​ You’ll also have an opportunity to get some nerves out, making your actual interviews even better.

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4. Clean Up Your Resume

Before they Google you, employers will see your resume. If it’s riddled with typos, grammatical errors and formatting issues, it’s not likely to help you make it to the next round. Proofread your resume before you submit it anywhere and consider asking another person to review it, too. You also want to make sure your current role is listed with relevant job responsibilities.

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5. Make Sure Your Soft Skills Are Up to Par

​You’ve already covered your hard skills, but what about those intangible skills that employers are looking for? Whether it’s interacting with coworkers or using problem solving to resolve an issue, you want to think through the soft skills necessary for roles you are interested in. Once you’ve identified them, look for opportunities to improve them in your daily routine.

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6. De-stress and Decompress

Have a lot on your plate? Take some time to reduce the stress in your life! Employers can sense tensions and stress when they meet you, but they would typically like to find candidates who know how to manage their stress well. Find out what method of coping with stress works best for you and start using it immediately!

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