5 Tips to Improve Your Teamwork Skills

by Modis on January 10, 2018

teamwork at the officeWhile hiring managers value the right mix of technical skills and educational background, they’re increasingly looking for more in the potential job candidates they consider. According to our recent STEM Insights Survey, candidates who have strong teamwork and interpersonal skills are among the hardest to find, making team players top candidates for prospective hires.

If you’re looking to gain a competitive edge among STEM job seeking candidates, it’s worth taking a little extra time to cultivate your teamwork skills. Here are some tips to help you get started down the path to improvement.

Practice Positivity

A positive attitude can go a long way toward improving your future work opportunities and fostering goodwill with your coworkers. Many people don’t get praise for their accomplishments on the job, so making it a point to express gratitude for a team member’s help or congratulate them on a job well done can build valuable camaraderie.

This upbeat mindset extends to how you provide feedback, too. It’s easy to critique someone else’s ideas, but instead of shooting someone down, try offering a solution of your own that bridges the gap without invalidating your coworker’s suggestions. Shifting your approach subtly to embrace a more positive vibe helps to contribute to a more collaborative, cheerful environment.

Foster Strong Communication

Major communication breakdowns tend to throw a wrench in office productivity and put a strain on work relationships. It’s always worth making extra effort to get clarification, ask questions, take time to check in, and work to keep everyone you’re working with directly in the loop on important projects and deadlines. The more your team is on the same page, the smoother things will go across the board.

When problems or obstacles do arise, try airing them out and talking through them rather than letting them simmer under the surface until they hit critical mass. Good communication is essential for a strong office team.

Connect With Coworkers Outside of the Office

Getting to know your coworkers outside of the office is a great way to strengthen your professional bonds and make the workday a more enjoyable experience. People often behave differently when they’re not at work, so spending time hanging out in another environment can be both fun and bond-building when it frees everyone up to be themselves. Whether you’re blowing off steam together when stress seeps into the workday or just getting to know your professional peers better when they’re not on the clock, hanging out from time to time is a great way to bolster positive professional relationships that enhance your effectiveness in the office.

Be a Good Listener

Some people like to talk endlessly, leaving little room for others to contribute ideas or perspective to the conversation. Being a good listener is critical to strengthen your communication skills. Good listening means being engaged, making eye contact, being responsive at the appropriate moments, and absorbing what others are saying.

Share Your Enthusiasm

Boosting office morale day-to-day isn’t always the easiest, but when you’re feeling excited about progress or a particular project, sharing your enthusiasm and delight can help others around you feel more upbeat. When delivered in a healthy dose, enthusiasm can be infectious. Your coworkers are more likely to be pumped about the task ahead if others around them are charged up and ready to tackle the next challenge head on.

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