Infographic: Take a Tech-free Vacation

by Modis on August 12, 2014

At Modis, we know that you work hard! In celebration of the American worker and Labor Day, we put together some quick stats to help motivate you and your employer to take time off and unplug as summer draws to an end. Fact: The average U.S. worker spends 250 days working. Because work consumes the majority of our time, it’s essential that we remain in tip-top shape throughout the year. Interestingly, studies have found that taking a vacation can help workers achieve both relaxation and better overall performance at work.

We encourage everyone to take time to plan your next trip, concentrate on friends and family and recharge! To make it easy, we’ve provided some key tips on how you and your company can make taking a tech free break an achievable goal. Prior to your vacation, consider the following action items:

  • Start weaning yourself off of tech dependence early: Leave your phone behind for outings and try not to tech multi-task in your spare time. TV, Smartphone AND Tablet all at once? We think not. Unwind and choose a single tech toy to experience during your free time the week prior to your tech free vacation.
  • Pick one or two strategic, necessary devices to take with you on your trip: Try to eliminate redundancies. Encourage the kids to leave the phones behind and institute a no-texting policy.
  • Tell everyone it’s tech-free time: Our opinion? Post it to Facebook, send your love to your friends and then follow-up upon your return with an amazing digital album of all of your adventures.
  • Choose a tech- free friendly spot: After all, having no wifi and limited data service can render many devices useless.
  • Enjoy: Chat with your loved ones and take pictures. True relaxation is hard to come by!

Happy Labor Day from Modis! Here are more tips to make your tech free time off the best that it can be:

Infographic: The pros of a Tech-free Vacation

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Find the Opportunity to Unwind

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Mark Des Jardins September 1, 2014 at 9:07 am

Most emails on subject matter go unread by me. I am glad I did not pass this up. As a comsultant, it is easier to practice this approach (and I do) since I am under no pressure from an employer who guilts you into things you really do not want to do e.g. work on your vacation.

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